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Blog - July 19
rabble staff | The news is coming fast and furious at; with new bloggers, writers, podcasters, babblers and videographers we are working to bring you world issues while we increase coverage of local news.
Blog - Time for change July 18
Gary Shaul | Miller and city encourage members to turn on their union and become scabs.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 17
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Sara Luckow | Americans have picked up some interesting habits thanks to the Great Recession. Interest in urban farming and community gardening has blossomed.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 17
John Bonnar | For the first time since the start of the strike, I decided to visit the picket lines and talk to workers and other union officials to get a more complete picture of what this strike is all about.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 16
Nezua, TMC MediaWire Blogger | On Tuesday, relations between the U.S. and Cuba thawed a bit more, as AlterNet reports.
Blog - Blair Redlin July 16
Blair Redlin | Instead of hassling the U.S. about its local purchasing policies or volunteering to hobble local and provincial governments, Canada should be taking meaningful steps to reduce rising unemployment.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 15
John Bonnar | Smitherman leads community clean-up at Yonge and Wellesley in association with
Blog - Word of the Rings July 15
Pina Belperio | With seven months to go before the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler's anti-Olympic sentiment has now transcended all cross-sections of the community.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 15
Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire Blogger | The House Democrats unveiled their eagerly anticipated healthcare bill on Tuesday.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 15
John Bonnar | Photos from the official Caribana Festival launch held Tuesday, July 14.
Blog - StopWar Blog July 14
Dave Markland | Revised Afghan rape law sanctions rape and starvation of women. Canada's media has ignored the news.
Blog - The Roz Blog July 14
Roz Allen | Ford tries to hock cars at Union Station.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 14
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Zach Carter | The U.S. economy is in big trouble right now, and the reform process may be missing a key point.
Blog - Corvin Russell's Blog July 14
Corvin Russell | The NDP continues its quest for irrelevance at its Halifax convention.
Blog - Derrick O'Keefe's blog July 14
Derrick O'Keefe | The war in Afghanistan is the top story here, following a sudden spike in U.K. soldiers killed. With 15 dead in just over a week, more British troops have now died in Afghanistan than in Iraq.
Blog - She who holds the pen... July 12
E. Simpson | The decision to keep women ski jumpers out of the 2010 Olympics needs a political response.
Blog - Nima Maleki's blog July 12
Nima Maleki | Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati is the current chairman of the Guardian Council, and has held that post since 1988. Jannati's political power and influence is not only long-standing, it is also broad.
Blog - Time for change July 11
Gary Shaul | Goar: Canadians want easy solutions to climate change. Shaul: Yes, but...
Blog - Andrew Brett July 11
Bernie Farber at Toronto Pride
Andrew Brett | Congress CEO isn’t gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Blog - Time for change July 11
Gary Shaul | The latest US scandal - Obuma-gate
Blog - StopWar Blog July 11
Dave Markland | In the past 10 days some 15 UK soldiers have been killed. Considering the history of the U.S. Marines in Helmand province, we should not be surprised that occupation soldiers are having a tough time.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 10
TMC MediaWire Blogger, by Raquel Brown | The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), also known as the Waxman-Markey bill, narrowly passed in the U.S. House of Representatives at the end of June.
Blog - July 10
Kelly Crichton | The buzz at the G8 all week was that the leaders of the rich world would ante up $15 billion in food aid and development money. Then a few hours before the final wrap, we heard it was $20 billion.
Blog - July 10
Dennis Howlett | Canada will need to offer global leadership as host of G8 in 2010 to deliver results on unfinished business from this year's G8.
Blog - John Bonnar's July 10
John Bonnar | On June 24, Brian DuBourdieu went to Seaton House for something to eat and a bed for the night. Instead, he ended up in the ER at St. Michael's Hospital.
Blog - I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! July 9
Matthew Adams | He hasn't been hiking in Appalachia, but Harper's aides insist he did eat the wafer. He has been eating the wafer for a long time, swallowing small things he doesn't believe in for appearances.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 9
TMC MediaWire Blogger, Nezua | The immigration discussion is sometimes reduced to symbols or a war of "sides," be it on blogs, comment threads, or conference calls between legislators, media outlets, and activists.
Blog - July 8
Kelly Crichton | First day on the job at the G8 summit and already it's dreadful. For a new media coordinator who thought she'd see the world get saved just a little, it's unnerving to say the least.
Blog - The Media Consortium Blog July 8
Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire Blogger | Last week, President Obama reportedly complained that liberal advocacy groups are attacking Democrats instead of trying to pass whatever healthcare bill the Senate happens to cough up.
Blog - James Laxer's Blog July 8
James Laxer | It's odd how the strike by 24,000 Toronto civic workers has turned the attitudes of the upper middle classes, business executives, small business lobbyists and conservative politicians upside down.