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Blog - Raluca Bejan May 15
As seen from Amzei Square. Photo: Raluca Bejan
Raluca Bejan | Transnational consumerism blends into unimaginable forms in Romania to populate the market.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 15
Nakba graffiti in Nazereth. Photo: PRA/Wikimedia Commons
Robert Massoud | Around the world, May 15 is commemorated as Nakba Day. It is the simmering conflict which has tainted 70 years of the world's evolution and interfered with the resolution of many of its problems.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 15
The amusing staged photo of part of UNA's bargaining team that accompanied the union's news release yesterday. Photo: United Nurses of Alberta.
David J. Climenhaga | If you care about health care, you've got to have a bad feeling about how this is all going to end.
Blog - Independent Jewish Voices Canada May 15
Counter-protest against UJA Walk for Israel, 2018. Photo credit: Raghd Hamzeh
Sheryl Nestel | A protest against Canadian apologists for Israel's occupation policies and human rights violations at the United Jewish Appeal's Walk for Israel.
Blog - David Suzuki May 15
Photo: Alexander Savin/Flickr
David Suzuki | The world's leading scientists are warning that human behaviour is destroying the biodiversity on which human and other life depends at a terrifyingly rapid rate.
Blog - The Views Expressed May 14
Image: Climate Justice Edmonton/Facebook
Emma Jackson, Paige Gorsak | As young people living in Alberta, we know what it feels like to be forced to cast a ballot for an unlivable future. And we refuse to do it again.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 14
MLA Shannon Phillips. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's 24 NDP Opposition MLAs were sworn in yesterday and Opposition leader Rachel Notley, not so long ago the province's premier, named the MLAs who will fill her shadow cabinet portfolios.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 13
Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Don't assume just because Canadian Conservatives eliminated per-vote subsidies that Jason Kenney and the UCP won't reverse course completely on the idea of a subsidy for the Alberta Party.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 12
Image: Screenshot of Veteran's Affairs video
David J. Climenhaga | Maybe the confusion of the Department of Veterans Affairs' video editors is more understandable than we 21st-century Canadians would like to admit.
Blog - Brent Patterson May 12
Image: Comité Santurbán/Twitter
Brent Patterson | A massive march recently took place in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Given that all of the media coverage is in Spanish, what was the protest about?
Blog - A change is gonna come May 11
Doreen Nicoll | Tasha Hubbard's film "nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up" follows the Boushie family as they demand action on racism in the Canadian justice system.
Blog - Dented Blue Mercedes May 11
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Mercedes Allen | When Ontario MPP Sam Oosterhoff pledges to make abortion "unthinkable in our lifetime," it's helpful to look at religious conservative media for clues as to what he might mean.
Blog -'s staff blog May 10
rabble staff | While we can't have everyone over to show slides of our journey through 2018, we can invite you to peruse our annual report!
Blog - Alberta Diary May 10
Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro with Premier Jason Kenney at cabinet swearing-In ceremony. Photo: Premier of Alberta/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | When it opted to build a $590-million "superlab" in Edmonton, Alberta's former NDP government was relying on sound advice from the Health Quality Council of Alberta.
Blog - Brent Patterson May 10
Mining in Kailo. Photo: Julien Harneis/Wikimedia Commons
Brent Patterson | Given that coal drove the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, we need to guard against the abuses that could come with the mining of rare earth minerals for the green industrial revolution.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 10
The anti-reproductive-rights march in Edmonton. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | In at least some cases, busing costs appear to have been paid by school districts -- as were the costs of substitute teachers to hold classes for students who didn't participate.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 9
Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May and Paul Manly. Photo: Paul Manly/Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | It's no longer hard to imagine a Green tsunami on the West Coast as voters there, disillusioned by unkept Liberal and NDP promises, shift their support to May's Green Party.
Blog - Making Waves May 9
"Capitalism Isn't Working" Photo: Jonny White/Flickr
Emma Lui | Grassroots groups and the water justice movement will play a critical role in building an alternative post-capitalist economy, one that prioritizes water justice over profit.
Blog - May 8
Two people carry a banner in the streets of Guatemala City that reads, "The march for life: We demand that the Constitutional Court respect our rights." Photo credit: CPR-Urbana. Used with permission.
Valerie Croft | The Xinka Parliament calls on Pan American Silver to cease all interference in the consultation process that will determine the future of the Escobal mine in Guatemala.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 8
Jason Kenney with his "blue ribbon" panel. From left to right: Mike Percy, Dave Mowat, Travis Toews, Janice MacKinnon, Kenney, Kim Henderson, Jay Ramotar, and Bev Dahlby (Photo: Government of Alberta).
David J. Climenhaga | Brace yourselves, people. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced his "blue ribbon" panel to do a "deep dive" into the province's books and figure out how to get them into the black.
Blog - Brent Patterson May 8
Jerry Dias and Mohamad Alsadi of Unifor visit with Peace Brigades International in Bogota, Colombia in December 2018. Photo by Peace Brigades International.
Brent Patterson | Peace Brigades International, which sees labour rights as indivisible from human rights, works in countries where union activists face repression and even death.
Blog - David Suzuki May 8
David Suzuki | Although Canada isn't embracing the full policy package needed for significant behavioural change, we're making progress, with commitments to reach 100 per cent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2040.
Blog - Activist Communiqué May 7
Protest at Queen's Park, April 2019. Photo: Can Pac Swire/Flickr
Krystalline Kraus | Instead of hearing the voices of those protesting cuts to social services and programs, Doug Ford's government is making much ado over a political prop at this year's May Day demonstration in Toronto.
Blog - Judy Rebick's Blog May 7
Photo credit: Judy Rebick
Judy Rebick | After more than 50 years, Indigenous women are still fighting for gender equality under the Indian Act. You can help.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 7
Photo: WinterE229 (WinterforceMedia)/Wikimedia Commons
David J. Climenhaga | The plan in a nutshell: blame Ottawa; say you're doing something; if the problem gets fixed, take credit; if not, assign blame again.
Blog - Brent Patterson May 7
Age Is More: Image: Still from Murray Thomson/YouTube
Brent Patterson | Murray Thomson, who passed away on May 2, co-founded a human rights group that has observed violations of Indigenous rights in Canada and protects human rights defenders around the world.
Blog - Pulpit and Politics May 5
Murray Thomson. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Dennis Gruending | Revered Canadian peace activist Murray Thomson has died at age 96. Here is a post written at the time of his 90th birthday in 2012.
Blog - Alberta Diary May 5
Former Alberta premier Rachel Notley, now the leader of the Opposition, addresses the Alberta Federation of Labour's convention in Calgary yesterday
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's new Opposition leader did not give the impression of a person who has given in to despair, or who is ready to wrap herself in a blanket and start rewatching Game of Thrones.
Blog - On The Other Hand May 5
The Aga Khan addresses the 2014 London Conference
Penney Kome | If the Pope invited the prime minister's family to visit for the holidays, and sent a private jet to pick them up, would the Opposition be hinting at a breach of ethics?
Blog - Alberta Diary May 4
David J. Climenhaga | On the question of his housing claims while an MP, Jason Kenney has only been vindicated in the way U.S. President Donald Trump was vindicated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.