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Apr 26 2013 | By Mike Elk | Dave Zirin's new book, Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down, explores the intersection of sports and politics over the past three years.
Apr 19 2013 | By Judy Rebick |, | By Velcrow Ripper | Compassionate action is positive, kind, fierce and transformative. It comes from the heart, not just the head.
Apr 11 2013 | By Aaron Leonard | Eveline Lubbers documents how private corporations -- sometimes independently, sometimes in collusion with state police agencies -- spy and target dissent.
Apr 5 2013 | By Dominic Alexander | Only system change on the large scale can free people from the Caspian to the Atlantic, and further on, from the power represented by the oil road.
Mar 28 2013 | By Ian Angus | Despite a lack of evidence, Eddy Yuen not only argues that getting out the truth about environmental crises causes apathy, but insists that it "disables the left but benefits the right and capital."
Mar 21 2013 | By Liam Barrington-Bush | If you believe in transparency, equality and democracy, how can you organize in ways that manifest these beliefs? The worlds of social movements and social media are offering some strong hints.
Mar 15 2013 | By Jordy Cummings | Richard Seymour's 'Unhitched,' a slim and scathing denunciation of turncoat scoundrel Christopher Hitchens, is a thoroughly satisfying and politically important book.
Mar 8 2013 | By Jacqueline Mulhallen | An informative, comprehensive, concise yet clear and accessible historical account of the major wars of the 20th and 21st centuries and the roles women played.
Feb 28 2013 | By Deepa Kumar | In this excerpt, Deepa Kumar looks at the uses of Islamophobia by a U.S. government that pushes war abroad and repression at home.
Feb 21 2013 | By Claudio D'Andrea | Following his blockbuster memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and two well-received works of short fiction, the scope of Eggers' work has widened to embrace the world.