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Dec 5 2013 | By Joel Harden | 'Building the Orange Wave' recounts the history of the NDP and their rise to Official Opposition. Joel Harden ponders the difference between that NDP and the present NDP and if the wave has collapsed?
Nov 28 2013 | By Niranjana Iyer | Activist Harsha Walia writes on border imperialism drawing her critique from an anti-oppressive framework and stating that borders are an unfair global capitalist system causing global displacement.
Nov 21 2013 | By Muna Mire | 'Fear of a Black Nation' documents an impressive amount of history about how race operates in modern North America and the actions of the Canadian Black Power movement.
Nov 14 2013 | By Judy Rebick | Judy Rebick reflects on the new book 'Svend Robinson: A Life in Politics' and her political and personal relationship with former MP Svend Robinson and the political battles they waged together.
Nov 7 2013 | By Aaron Leonard | Professor Geoff Mann discusses his book 'Disassembly Required' and how it engages those people who may not be fully informed about the status quo, but know they want to make a change from capitalism.
Oct 31 2013 | By The Graphic History Collective | The Graphic History Collective released a new graphic novel about the labour organization the Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labour and their contentious roots in Canada.
Oct 24 2013 | By Meghan Murphy | Female sexuality and the libido have long been viewed as something of a mystery. Are slowing female libidos a disorder, a result of monogamy or just plain normal?
Oct 17 2013 | By Dr. Theresa Turmel | Xat’sull Chief Bev Sellars' memoir 'They Called Me Number One' details her life from traumatic childhood to her transition as community leader and details the effects Indian residential schools had.
Oct 10 2013 | By Jeff Miller | Lynn Coady's new book of short stories 'Hellgoing' resonates with the challenges of life and people's ability to persevere.
Oct 3 2013 | By Joan Baxter | A new edition of the 'No Nonsense Guide to World Food' adds on more "food highlights" that could not have been predicted in 2008.