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Dec 13 2012 | By Amira Elghawaby | Reading Revolution 2.0 against the backdrop of the current unrest in Egypt, one can't help but feel nostalgic.
Dec 6 2012 | By Corey Hill | Billed as a book for the children of the 99%, A is for Activist is the radical vision of Innosanto Nagara, a graphic designer and social justice activist from Oakland, California.
Nov 29 2012 | By Tyler Morgenstern | The question of the when of queerness is at the heart of transgender electronic musician Rae Spoon's remarkable debut novel, First Spring Grass Fire.
Nov 22 2012 | By Mara Munro | Fractured Homeland is Bonita Lawrence's stirring account of the Algonquins' 20-year struggle to reclaim their traditional territories.
Nov 15 2012 | By Derrick O'Keefe | To get past the War of 1812 myth-making to the real facts of history, a good start would be to turn off the vulgar, violent images on TV and pick up and read James Laxer's Tecumseh & Brock.
Nov 9 2012 | By Jody McIntyre | With an eye to Canada's growing international isolation, The Ugly Canadian is a must read for those who would like to see Canada adopt a more just foreign policy.
Nov 1 2012 | By Paul Fontaine | The need for diversity of opinion in Canadian media is dire. Two books are a call to action for more voices in our media.
Nov 1 2012 | By Greg Macdougall | In Media Ecosystem, Antonio Lopez takes an ecological approach to media that both understands the world of media as an ecosystem, and connects media to the physical world.
Oct 25 2012 | By Matthew Adams |, | By Justin Podur | In this interview with Matt Adams, Justin Podur, author of Haiti’s New Dictatorship, discusses his new book.
Social Democracy After the Cold War
Oct 18 2012 | By John Warnock | In the present economic and financial crisis, we are seeing the collapse of the social democratic parties in Europe. How can they bring their former supporters back into the party?