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Nov 9 2012 | By Jody McIntyre | With an eye to Canada's growing international isolation, The Ugly Canadian is a must read for those who would like to see Canada adopt a more just foreign policy.
Nov 1 2012 | By Paul Fontaine | The need for diversity of opinion in Canadian media is dire. Two books are a call to action for more voices in our media.
Nov 1 2012 | By Greg Macdougall | In Media Ecosystem, Antonio Lopez takes an ecological approach to media that both understands the world of media as an ecosystem, and connects media to the physical world.
Oct 25 2012 | By Matthew Adams |, | By Justin Podur | In this interview with Matt Adams, Justin Podur, author of Haiti’s New Dictatorship, discusses his new book.
Social Democracy After the Cold War
Oct 18 2012 | By John Warnock | In the present economic and financial crisis, we are seeing the collapse of the social democratic parties in Europe. How can they bring their former supporters back into the party?
Alif the Unseen
Oct 11 2012 | By Amira Elghawaby | Alif the Unseen brings together the mystical elements of Islam and the hardcore digital age that helped topple dictators in the Middle East.
Oct 4 2012 | By Chris Carlsson | Critical Mass was born 20 years ago among dozens of people in San Francisco and has reproduced itself in over 350 cities, thanks to the efforts of countless thousands across the planet.
Too Asian?: Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education
Sep 27 2012 | By Cara Ng | “Too Asian?”: Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education, a new anthology, takes Maclean's magazine to task and explores race and representation in Canadian universities.
Sep 20 2012 | By Sarah van Gelder | Published in 2011, shortly after the Occupy movement began, This Changes Everything was published offering insights for the many already involved.
Sep 13 2012 | By Kevin Hollett | In Vanishing Vancouver: The Last 25 Years, author Michael Kluckner pushes back, back in time and back against the disappearing city he clearly fell in love with.