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Omar Khadr, Oh Canada
Jul 26 2012 | By Amira Elghawaby | As in an artful kaleidoscope, Janice Williamson's book has brought together the voices and sentiments of those who refuse to look away from Omar Khadr.
The Virtual Self
Jul 20 2012 | By Cathi Bond | Are you alive or simply a stream of data? According to Nora Young, author and host of CBC Radio's trends and tech show Spark, we could already be well on our way to becoming a strange hybrid of both.
Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru
Jul 12 2012 | By Matthew Behrens | As Parliament passes sweeping, repressive immigration legislation, Toronto filmmaker Ali Kazimi's timely book, Undesirables, should be required reading for Jason Kenney and his cohorts.
Jul 5 2012 | By Kaitlin McNabb | On June 24, author Kevin Chong stopped by to chat with the Babble Book Club about his novel Beauty Plus Pity.
Straphanger: Saving our cities and ourselves from the automobile
Jun 28 2012 | By Eric Doherty | The real challenge in tackling the climate crisis is to dramatically reduce carbon emissions over the next decade.
Jun 21 2012 | By Tyler McCreary | A recently released volume from Creekstone Press, The Enpipe Line, presents a poetic manifestation of resistance.
Jun 15 2012 | By Jenn Prosser | Queering the Way showcases Albertan artists that are varied and as controversial as the language used to cue identity.
Democracy's Blameless Leaders.
Jun 7 2012 | By Ramona Wadi | In Democracy's Blameless Leaders, Neil Mitchell examines how leaders in democracies manage the blame for the abuse and the killing of civilians.
Power of Youth
May 31 2012 | By Kaitlin McNabb | Power of Youth is more than just a book about youth activism, it is a testament to all generations of activists who continue to fight, informed by passion and experience.
The Imperial Messenger
May 24 2012 | By Belén Fernández | In this excerpt from The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work, Belén Fernández discusses various aspects of the New York Times columnist's neo-liberal Friedmanomics.