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Aug 8 2013 | By Art Threat | Art Threat interviewed artist Eloisa Aquino about her series of zines and the role of art and the artist in combating capitalism, patriarchy and heteronormativity.
Aug 1 2013 | By Greg Macdougall | Robert W. McChesney's new book explores how the capitalist economic system influences the initial vision and potential of a non-commercial democratic Internet.
Jul 25 2013 | By Daniel Francis | Aaron Chapman explores the history of Vancouver's Penthouse nightclub from glitzy celebrity appearances to legal actions that spawned the worst episode of violence against women in Canadian history.
Jul 18 2013 | By Jessica Rose | 'Everything Is So Political' is a series of contemporary short stories written by Canadian writers that is rooted in the question "What makes something political?" and subsequent answer "Everything."
Jul 11 2013 | By Daniel Moss | 'Harvesting Justice' is a great look into the world's most exciting food justice groups and a knockout organizing tool.
Jul 4 2013 | By Harsha Walia | Harsha Walia reviews rabble contributor Zainab Amadahy's new book on when science is framed within the context of Indigenous wisdoms, it can inform, transform and revolutionize movement building.
Jun 27 2013 | By Sarah Sheard | Author Sarah Sheard weaves an eccentric story of a reincarnated Bertolt Brecht in the midst of the G-20 Summit and his reflections on 1930s fascism.
Jun 20 2013 | By Nathaniel G. Moore | Nathaniel G. Moore reviews George Szanto's new book 'Bog Tender: Coming Home to Nature and Memory' about the creative intersection of nature and memory.
Jun 13 2013 | By Yutaka Dirks | Yutaka Dirks interviews author Stephen Law about his debut novel 'Tailings of Warren Peace' and how he balanced social justice with magical realism.
Jun 6 2013 | By Eleanor Boyle | Author Eleanor Boyle exposes the consequences of large-scale meat production and excessive consumption and searches for progressive sustainable solutions to eating meat.