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Feb 13 2014 | By Stephen D'Arcy | What is militancy and is it ever ethical to be militant? Stephen D'Arcy builds on the controversial words of Martin Luther King and vivid examples of political action to examine resistance.
Feb 6 2014 | By Meg Borthwick | 'Unlikely Radicals' details the unlikely victory of the farmers, retirees and First Nations people who stood up against the Man trying to turn the Adams Mine into a garbage dump.
Jan 30 2014 | By Rae Spoon |, | By Sheila Sampath | Do you ever wish you could write your teenaged self a letter of advice? 'Letters Lived: Radical reflections, revolutionary paths' poses this question to a diverse group of social activists.
Jan 23 2014 | By Paul Weinberg | 'Building Sanctuary' asks "what happened when U.S. war resisters to the Vietnam war arrived in Canada, which was undergoing a major political, economic and cultural shift."
Jan 16 2014 | By Kathleen Yamazaki | Nathaniel G. Moore's new book provides an accurate portrait of young adulthood complete with familial struggles, adolescent isolation and wrestling's Macho Man Randy Savage.
Jan 9 2014 | By Amira Elghawaby | 'Ed Finn: A Journalist's Life on the Left' describes Finn's journalism career, his contributions to issues such as labour rights and poverty and his firm stance on Canada's left.
Jan 2 2014 | By Andrew Wilmot | 'Anatomy of a Girl Gang' is an intense story of a gang of teenage girls in Vancouver called the Black Roses. Written as a series of testimonials, the book unfolds what we are really escaping from.
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Dec 19 2013 | By Kaitlin McNabb | It's been a great year in the rabble book lounge! We'd like to celebrate by sharing some of our favourite original book reviews from 2013.
Dec 12 2013 | By Jeff Miller | Toronto artist Will Munro's life is captured in this stirring biography about self exploration, community building and the intersection of art and identity.
Dec 5 2013 | By Joel Harden | 'Building the Orange Wave' recounts the history of the NDP and their rise to Official Opposition. Joel Harden ponders the difference between that NDP and the present NDP and if the wave has collapsed?