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Oct 10 2013 | By Jeff Miller | Lynn Coady's new book of short stories 'Hellgoing' resonates with the challenges of life and people's ability to persevere.
Oct 3 2013 | By Joan Baxter | A new edition of the 'No Nonsense Guide to World Food' adds on more "food highlights" that could not have been predicted in 2008.
Sep 26 2013 | By Katie Hyslop | Two new books discuss the experience of growing up indigenous: one through interviews with indigenous children, one through fictionalized autobiography.
Sep 21 2013 | By Cathi Bond | Author Cathi Bond interviews children's entertainer and writer Raffi Cavoukian to get a more in depth look into his book #lightwebdarkweb and how social media affects children.
Sep 12 2013 | By Yutaka Dirks | 'What Lies Across the Water' by Stephen Kimber discusses the hypocrisy behind the Cuban Five arrests, the courage of the five Cuban men and what really happened.
Sep 5 2013 | By Steffanie Pinch | Activist toolkit coordinator Steffanie Pinch reviews activist handbook 'Stay Solid! A Radical Guide for Youth' edited by Vancouver youth centre The Purple Thistle Centre.
Aug 29 2013 | By Nathaniel G. Moore | '1996' by Sara Peters ushers in a new era of Canadian Poetry, riffing off digital and conversational elements to bring a modern and direct voice to self explanation.
Aug 22 2013 | By Amy MacKinnon | Authors David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu argue in 'The Body Economic' that not only is austerity bad for the economy, it is bad for our health.
Aug 15 2013 | By Augusta Dwyer | Author and activist Beverly Bell sheds light on the perspective of grassroots organizations working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.
Aug 8 2013 | By Art Threat | Art Threat interviewed artist Eloisa Aquino about her series of zines and the role of art and the artist in combating capitalism, patriarchy and heteronormativity.