Book Review Apr 30
Charles Demers | Winner of the Ethel Wilson Prize for B.C. fiction, Lee Henderson uncovers an underground combat sport, "the man game," and a darker side of Vancouver.
Book Review Apr 22
Christopher A. Shaw | In this excerpt Olympic critic and author of Five Ring Circus, Christopher Shaw, lays out the glaring inconsistencies in rhetoric used to promote the Olympic Games and its environmental practices.
Book Review Apr 16
Richard Louv | Child advocate Richard Louv discusses how the lack of nature in the lives of our youngest generations has long-lasting psychological, physical and emotional effects.
Book Review Apr 2
Mel Watkins | Defiant Publics describes an information revolution permitting new forms of transnational communication creating global consciousness in the wake of the global financial crisis.
Book Review Mar 24
Peter Conlin | decentre explores Artist-Run Centres in their current form, inviting artists and organizers to reflect on where "the real strength of artist-run culture" lies.
Book Review Mar 19
Laurel Smith | The Kremlin Betrayal is a fictionalized account of post-WWII spying shenanigans which centres upon Stalin's assassination and the Soviet leader's obsession with rewriting history.
Book Review Mar 12
Judy Rebick | Activist and co-founder, Judy Rebick, identifies a new kind of politics in an excerpt from her new book, Transforming Power.
Book Review Mar 8
Philippa Mennell | I Live Here is a rich collection of personal stories gathered from four distinct areas of the world in which the conditions faced by women and children are particularly devastating.
Book Review Feb 26
Allendria Brunjes | Shani Mootoo, award-winning author of Cereus Blooms at Night and He Drown She in the Sea, discusses her latest novel Valmiki's Daughter.
Book Review Feb 19
Bryan Prince | Bryan Prince's latest book tells the story of the Weems family who lived through and struggled to escape the slavery system and make a new life in Canada. The following is an excerpt from the book.
Book Review Feb 12
Sheryda Warrener | This Valentine's celebrate with new post-divorce, promiscuous and homesick love poetry by first time Canadian authors Dannabang Kuwabong and Angela Szczepaniak.
Book Review Feb 6
Ben Hart | Deanna Fong's first collection of poetry reads like a delicately prepared menu. Fong offers three courses -- From Skins to Bones, Exploration and Hearts.
Book Review Jan 29
Monia Mazigh | In this excerpt from her new book, Monia Mazigh recounts life for her and her husband, Maher Arar, in the weeks following September 11, 2001.
Book Review Jan 22
Jessica Rose | Though journalist Christina McCall may best be remembered for her in-depth coverage of the Liberal Party, she also covered issues of urban planning, Canadian nationalism, and of course, feminism.
Book Review Jan 15
Sheryda Warrener | In honour of community, collaboration and spirit, six Vancouver writers took on traditional Japanese poetic forms such as haiku, hokku and renga, and created their own modern hybrids.