Book Review Jan 31
 Liquid Gold, Energy Privatization in British Columbia
Elaine Golds | The BC Liberal government has undertaken the largest privatization project in Canadian history — one worth $60 billion. In his latest book, John Calvert outlines the ins and outs of an almost-se
Book Review Jan 24
Tara Quinn | Winner of a Governor General's Award for Fiction, <i>Elle</i> is "the unofficial account of an anti-quest" and a tale that turns the Canadian historical novel on its head. It is a story that is also
Book Review Jan 17
 Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq
Dahr Jamail | Independent journalist Dahr Jamail saved his money, bought a ticket to Iraq, and began posting frontline dispatches on his blog, <a href=""target="_blank">dahrjamailiraq.
Book Review Jan 11
 The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need
Elan Mastai | The popular rhetoric of environmentalism has so often been hand-waving shrieks of impeding cataclysm followed by a list of simple daily activities intended to stave off doom, activities that can&#226
Book Review Jan 9
 Lauchlin of the Bad Heart
Cathi Bond | In this episode of <a href=""target="_blank">Prosecast</a> D.R. MacDonald discusses his latest novel <i>Lauchlin of the Bad Heart</i>, a mysterious novel ab
Book Review Jan 1
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The fall of 2007 we featured a bundle of books by Canada's best, up-and-coming, and activist writers &#151; Naomi Klein, Heather Mallick, Amiel Gladstone, Miali-Elise Coley, S
Book Review Dec 30
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The summer of 2007 was all about suspense, mystery, and danger &#226;e" including an Indian crime thriller, an undercover society of literature afficionados, a search for pris
Book Review Dec 28
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In May we showered you with four books by first-time novelists &#151; Joanne Proulx, Catherine Kidd, Andrew Wedderburn and Andy Brown. This holiday season take a detour from t
Book Review Dec 27
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The cruelest month? We think not. Perhaps just a little <I>full,</I> with Tariq Ali's censored story, a debut graphic novel, po-co meets sci-fi, interviews with poets Suzanne
Book Review Dec 26
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> March was full of tales from and about ordinary folks facing down complex issues international in scope but with far-reaching impacts upon both local and global communities.
Book Review Dec 23
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In February we tempted you with four expos&#195;&#169;s by Carol Off, Graham Harvey, Michael Pollan, Peter Singer and Jim Mason to answer your many questions on food. If you m
Book Review Dec 21
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In January we featured a handful of books for science lovers: political, social, and popular science!
Book Review Dec 16
 Cookbook for Women's Equality: Out of the kitchen, cooking up equality!
Laura Di Vilio | Can a cookbook be a useful tool to advocate women&#226;e(TM)s equality? Can crafting up some tasty dishes in your kitchen help rekindle a social movement? As counterintuitive as these notions might s
Book Review Dec 13
 Cause For Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads
Sue Wilson | At a time when government leaders seem to falter in their efforts to address critical issues like poverty and climate change, Bill Phipps&#226;e(TM) <i>Cause For Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads</i>
Book Review Dec 6
Cathi Bond | Cathi Bond chats with award-winning author, Richard B. Wright about his latest novel, <i>October</i>, a story about family, unrequited young love and old grudges. Prosecast is a new literary podcast,