Book Review Mar 13
Jessica Rose | Mariko and Jillian Tamaki's debut graphic novel explores love, sexuality, friendship (or the lack of friendship), and suicide as experienced by 16-year-old Wiccan Goth, Kimberly Keiko Cameron (a.k.a.
Book Review Mar 6
 Building Feminist Movements and Organizations: Global Perspectives
Jen Peirce | Much recent writing on feminism and the women's movement focuses on new or divisive trends and labels — third-wave, girl power, pro-Hillary or anti-Hillary. But this coverage misses some of the
Book Review Feb 28
 Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones
bigcitygal | Though few have heard of her, Claudia Jones was a communist, Marxist-Leninist to be precise, a union activist, a feminist and an anti-racist activist. Following imprisonment in the U.S. for her activ
Book Review Feb 21
 No Laughing Matter: Adventure, Activism & Politics
Jenn Watt | As an NDP member of parliament through the Trudeau and Mulroney years, Margaret Mitchell worked to advocate for women, the poor, affordable housing and better social services. How she got there, from
Book Review Feb 14
 Orphan Love
Emily Schultz | In her first novel, <i>Orphan Love</i>, Nadia Bozak writes the ultimate reverse frontier story, and it is a thing to cheer. Unlike those in the standard road novel, Bozak's characters travel primaril
Book Review Feb 7
Am Johal | Lauded for its intricate and elegiac prose, Madeleine Thien's debut novel takes on weighty themes of loss, displacement and the process of recovery in the aftermath of war. Am Johal speaks to Thien
Book Review Feb 7
 Life on the Refrigerator Door
Cathi Bond | Cathi Bond speaks to Alice Kuipers about her first novel, <i>Life on the Refrigerator Door</i> &#151; an intriguing story about the ongoing relationship between a mother and her daughter, told throug
Book Review Jan 31
 Liquid Gold, Energy Privatization in British Columbia
Elaine Golds | The BC Liberal government has undertaken the largest privatization project in Canadian history &#151; one worth $60 billion. In his latest book, John Calvert outlines the ins and outs of an almost-se
Book Review Jan 24
Tara Quinn | Winner of a Governor General's Award for Fiction, <i>Elle</i> is "the unofficial account of an anti-quest" and a tale that turns the Canadian historical novel on its head. It is a story that is also
Book Review Jan 17
 Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq
Dahr Jamail | Independent journalist Dahr Jamail saved his money, bought a ticket to Iraq, and began posting frontline dispatches on his blog, <a href=""target="_blank">dahrjamailiraq.
Book Review Jan 11
 The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need
Elan Mastai | The popular rhetoric of environmentalism has so often been hand-waving shrieks of impeding cataclysm followed by a list of simple daily activities intended to stave off doom, activities that can&#226
Book Review Jan 9
 Lauchlin of the Bad Heart
Cathi Bond | In this episode of <a href=""target="_blank">Prosecast</a> D.R. MacDonald discusses his latest novel <i>Lauchlin of the Bad Heart</i>, a mysterious novel ab
Book Review Jan 1
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The fall of 2007 we featured a bundle of books by Canada's best, up-and-coming, and activist writers &#151; Naomi Klein, Heather Mallick, Amiel Gladstone, Miali-Elise Coley, S
Book Review Dec 30
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The summer of 2007 was all about suspense, mystery, and danger &#226;e" including an Indian crime thriller, an undercover society of literature afficionados, a search for pris
Book Review Dec 28
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In May we showered you with four books by first-time novelists &#151; Joanne Proulx, Catherine Kidd, Andrew Wedderburn and Andy Brown. This holiday season take a detour from t