Book Review Dec 27
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The cruelest month? We think not. Perhaps just a little <I>full,</I> with Tariq Ali's censored story, a debut graphic novel, po-co meets sci-fi, interviews with poets Suzanne
Book Review Dec 26
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> March was full of tales from and about ordinary folks facing down complex issues international in scope but with far-reaching impacts upon both local and global communities.
Book Review Dec 23
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In February we tempted you with four expos&#195;&#169;s by Carol Off, Graham Harvey, Michael Pollan, Peter Singer and Jim Mason to answer your many questions on food. If you m
Book Review Dec 21
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In January we featured a handful of books for science lovers: political, social, and popular science!
Book Review Dec 16
 Cookbook for Women's Equality: Out of the kitchen, cooking up equality!
Laura Di Vilio | Can a cookbook be a useful tool to advocate women&#226;e(TM)s equality? Can crafting up some tasty dishes in your kitchen help rekindle a social movement? As counterintuitive as these notions might s
Book Review Dec 13
 Cause For Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads
Sue Wilson | At a time when government leaders seem to falter in their efforts to address critical issues like poverty and climate change, Bill Phipps&#226;e(TM) <i>Cause For Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads</i>
Book Review Dec 6
Cathi Bond | Cathi Bond chats with award-winning author, Richard B. Wright about his latest novel, <i>October</i>, a story about family, unrequited young love and old grudges. Prosecast is a new literary podcast,
Book Review Nov 29
 Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine
Sonja Karkar | Dr. Ghada Karmi's latest book opens with the problem European Zionists faced over a century ago when they first mooted the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine. They found then that there was already
Book Review Nov 22
 Workplaces That Work: A Guide to Conflict Management in Union and Non-Union Work Environments
Patricia W. Elliott | Don't let the business suit in the author's photo fool you: Saskatchewan-born Blaine Donais' roots are firmly planted in a lifetime of trade unionism and social activism. Not surprisingly, then, when
Book Review Nov 15
 The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Severn Cullis-Suzuki | Naomi Klein's latest work &#226;e" The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism &#226;e" is attracting attention from both the right and the left. In her review, B.C. activist Severn Cullis-S
Book Review Nov 9
 Conflict, Crisis and Accountability: Racial profiling and law enforcement in Canada
radio book lounge | Author Charles C. Smith discusses his book that Ryerson professor Dr. Grace-Edward Galabuzi calls "a real treasure trove of information &#226;e" historical and contemporary &#226;e" of the relationsh
Book Review Nov 1
 The End of Tolerance: Racism in 21st Century Britain
David Renton | In 1971, the full-time worker for the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Community Relations Commission was a 26-year-old activist by the name of Chris Mullard. Interviewed by a local newspaper on Edward Heath&#226
Book Review Oct 25
 Intent for a Nation: A Relentlessly Optimistic Manifesto for Canada&#226;e(TM)s Role in the World
Am Johal | Am Johal interviews Dr. Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law, in Vancouver about his thoughts on Canada's role on the global stage.
Book Review Oct 11
 Hippies and Bolsheviks and Other Plays
Laurel Smith | Amiel Gladstone's collection of plays explores the difficulties of modern-day relationships: whether to fall in love, falling out of love, reluctantly being in love.
Book Review Sep 27
Marc Ngui | What if the motion of wind and water on our buildings supplied all the power we needed? What if a city produced all its own fresh vegetables? And seniors ran our daycares?The future is green. <b>A gr