Book Review Apr 18
 Something to pet the cat about
Lisa Foad | This debut graphic novel from Montreal-based artist andwriter Elisabeth Belliveau compiles the artzines that generated much buzz when shebegan circulating them in Montreal.Divided into five segments
Book Review Apr 12
 The Leopard and the Fox: A Pakistani Tragedy
Charles Demers | Tariq Ali's new book, The Leopard and the Fox: A Pakistani Tragedy, tells the story of what would likely have been the writer's most popular contribution to Western understanding.
Book Review Apr 11
Robin Browne | At the virtual and interactive launch for <i>Wikinomics</i>, author Don Tapscott talked (or, rather, typed) about his belief that the contemporary explosion in social media is not just another bubble
Book Review Apr 5
rabble staff | Don Tapscott is in the house &#226;e" the rabble Second Life tree house that is. On Tuesday April 10th at 6:00 PT (9:00 ET) Tapscott will appear, in avatar form, at the <I></I> home in the v
Book Review Apr 4
Matt Shaw | Poet, academic and runner Suzanne Zelazo reads from her collection <I>Parlance</I> and tells radio book lounge contributor Matt Shaw about her work, her readership, her influences and the way breath
Book Review Mar 30
 There Is No Me Without You: One Woman&#226;e(TM)s Odyssey to Rescue Africa&#226;e(TM)s Children
Yohannes Edemariam | In <I>There Is No Me Without You,</I> American journalist Melissa Fay Greene tells the story of Haregewoin Teffera, a middle-aged, middle-class Ethiopian woman who, through the vagaries of chance, be
Book Review Mar 23
Elizabeth Ruth | Cathleen With's debut story collection &#226;e" <I>SKIDS</I> &#226;e" has garnered excellent reviews from across the country, bringing her tales of youth in Vancouver&#226;e(TM)s Downtown Eastside, m
Book Review Mar 20
rabble staff avatars | Wednesday March 21 saw a first for <i>rabble</i>. A discussion of Barbara Gowdy's controversial new novel <i>Helpless</i> led by Canadian broadcaster and writer Cathi Bond or rather, her avatar..., w
Book Review Mar 15
 Terrorism and the Constitution: Sacrificing civil liberties in the name of national security
Marcus Williams | The responses to 9/11, chronicled in David Cole and James Dempsey&#226;e(TM)s update of the undoing of U.S. civil liberties in the name of national security, are all the more galling in that none of
Book Review Mar 14
 Sparrow Story
Jenny Lynn | In David Rhodes' <i>Sparrow Story,</i> Johnny&#226;e(TM)s tendency to tell it like it is means it&#226;e(TM)s not long before he ends up dead. The focus of the story then switches to the main protago
Book Review Mar 8
rabble staff | In celebration of women&#226;e(TM)s voices and in support of women&#226;e(TM)s struggles, this international women&#226;e(TM)s day, the book lounge rounds up 11 of its favourite offerings by, for and
Book Review Mar 7
Alexandra Samur | Listen to readings by acclaimed writers including Dionne Brand, Rawi Hage, Camilla Gibb, David Bezmozgis, Ann-Marie MacDonald and more, at the PEN Canada and the Toronto Public Library&#226;e(TM)s ce
Book Review Feb 22
 Fighting for Change: Black Social Workers in Nova Scotia
George Elliott Clarke | It is the personal testimony of African-Nova Scotian social workers &#226;e" all women &#226;e" that gives <I>Fighting for Change</I> its life. Their stories are compelling, and, at times, harrowing,
Book Review Feb 14
 The Omnivore&#226;e(TM)s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
Moira Farr | As omnivores, we&#226;e(TM)ve evolved bodies designed to bite, chew and digest both meat and plant matter; as citizens of the developed world, with food choices ranging from Twinkies to Tofurkey, it&
Book Review Feb 13
 Bitter Chocolate: Investigating the Dark Side of the World's Most Seductive Sweet
Alexandra Samur | Journalist Carol Off's new book <i>Bitter Chocolate</i> exposes just what's behind our favourite Valentine treat. She tells the radio book lounge about the child cocoa labourers she spoke with who ha