Book Review Feb 12
 We Want Real Food
Jennifer O'Connor | Graham Harvey&#226;e(TM)s <I>We Want Real Food</I> gets to the root of our modern food system, exposing the way our agricultural practices leach much of the good out of good food. The soil that shoul
Book Review Feb 7
 Ontological Necessities
Matt Shaw | Priscila Uppal, the author of <I>Confessions of a Fertility Expert, Live Coverage</I> and <I>Pretending to Die</I>, reads three poems from her latest work, <I>Ontological Necessities,</I> and discus
Book Review Jan 31
Alexandra Samur | Margaret Atwood's third unveiling of her book-signing invention, LongPen, took place at a recent PEN Canada benefit event in Toronto. At the event, the wonders of the technology were on display as At
Book Review Jan 31
 Trans/forming Feminisms: Trans-Feminist Voices Speak Out
Richard C. Taylor | KRISTA SCOTT-DIXON&#226;e(TM)s collection, blending gender theory and a remarkable range of personal narratives, provides a powerful, complex and deeply moving introduction to a relatively neglected
Book Review Jan 25
 Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships
Moira Farr | A tale of two <I>Social Intelligence</I>s: Daniel Goleman writes with excitement about the neurological discoveries that suggest, or even prove, that altruism is instinctive, that compassion is as bi
Book Review Jan 18
 Villa Air-Bel: World War II, Escape, and a House in Marseille
Charles Demers | In Rosemary Sullivan&#226;e(TM)s latest book the titular Villa Air-Bel was a nineteenth-century mansion in France rented by staff members of the Emergency Rescue Committee (or CAS, from its French in
Book Review Jan 11
 Independent Politics: The Green Party strategy debate
Derek Wall | Much of the planet&#226;e(TM)s population would like to see regime change in Washington, yet as <i>Independent Politics: The Green Party strategy debate</i> shows this is incredibly difficult. Should
Book Review Dec 28
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> Fall's bouquet of ideas featured racial profiling, a few good men, a dub revolution and the strangeness of imagining others. Remember, all our fabulous reviews are available a
Book Review Dec 25
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> June, July and August found us plunging into a deep pool of the hottest topics &#226;e" including exile and asylum, shades of black, global feminism, debt, downtown-eastside p
Book Review Dec 21
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> May featured <I>rabble</I>&#226;e(TM)s cross-site special, <B>IRAQ 2006</b>, with two Iraqi novels, a prescient essay on the unraveling of the Bush administration and independ
Book Review Dec 20
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> The cruelest month? We think not. Perhaps just a little <I>full,</I> withthe banning of a book, the destruction of a golden spruce, a new old novel, the superhero within, an i
Book Review Dec 19
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> March was about speed hounds, rough tongues, Newfoundland gator, love's labour, time lost and the Halifax explosion, done in fiction, literary non-fiction, not-necessarily-lit
Book Review Dec 18
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> In February, we served up health nuts, a recipe for trouble, a decorous dilemma, five anti-racist texts, a blurt and an imaginary infidel in reviews by Margaret Christakos, Ma
Book Review Dec 17
the book lounge | <b>Worth reviewing:</b> January brought three very different novels, a play, an unauthorized biography, an illustrative interpretation and more.
Book Review Dec 14
 The Cabaret
Maya Khankhoje | The cabaret, as a &#226;eoesmall room&#226;e where members of the counter-culture can freely express their dissatisfaction with the establishment, was born in France at the end of the nineteenth cen