Book Review Sep 28
Jane Henderson | A new graphic novel, <I>Dragonslippers</I>, deals with one woman's struggle to leave an abusive relationship. Its author, Rosalind B. Penfold, joins in a new tradition, carved in ink by artists befor
Book Review Sep 27
 Water, Inc.
Judy Rebick | And not a drop to drink. In Varda Burstyn's eco-thriller <I>Water, Inc.</I> an American corporate consortium figures out that the best way to corner the market on Canadian water is by convincing the
Book Review Sep 26
 Candy From Strangers
Ilana Stanger-Ross | Are advertisers manipulating children into becoming hapless consumers? Is violent media to blame for teenage aggression? Yes, says Stephen Dale in <I>Candy from Strangers</I>, but by focusing on the