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The F Word podcast: Women on how they were treated after being sexually assaulted

Photo: Mausi/Flickr
F Word podcast: Women share their stories of sexual assault and how they were impacted by community and state responses.

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Niqab on trial: What is really at stake?

Niqabs in the courtroom: why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors. Photo: Alfred Weidinger
rabble podcast: Niqabs in the courtroom: Why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors.

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In conversation with Alex Cu Unjieng

July 28, 2014
| Carissa Ropponen speaks with Alex Cu Unhing, a feminist visual artist and printmaker about her fun and provocative art.
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Feminist comedy

July 24, 2014
| Nicole and Ellie explore the ways comedy can be used to highlight social injustices rather than perpetuate the status quo.
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Feminism and Christianity

July 17, 2014
| Discussion of the image of woman in the Christian creation myth and negotiating the development of feminist consciousness within a Christian community.
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BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

July 14, 2014
| The F Word's Ariana Barer speaks with Trish Garner the Community Organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition about their initiatives to reduce poverty in B.C.
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Polymer Dance

July 7, 2014
| The F Word speaks to members of Polymer Dance -- a Vancouver-based contemporary dance performing group and class about public space, accessibility in movement and the democratization of dance.
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Imagining courts that work for women

June 29, 2014
| Fixing a justice system that is failing women who have experienced violence.
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Transnational and queer Women of colour: sexuality in western society

June 29, 2014
| Charlene Sayo, Eirene Cloma, and guest Anushka Nagji talk about Transnational and Queer Women of Colour and the Distortion and Construction of our Sexuality in Western Society.
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