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Solidarity and sisterhood: How women inspire each other

April 1, 2015
| A rebroadcast of The F Word talking to women about the women who have inspired them throughout their lives -- includes quotes, clips, and songs.
Length: 41:32 minutes (47.54 MB)
The F Word

Women making their bold mark in word and music

March 24, 2015
| In honour of this month's International Women's Day, She: Women in Word and Music show and dance party features an awesome line-up of women making their bold mark in word and music!
Length: 29:57 minutes (34.29 MB)
The F Word

International Women's Day: Oppression and resistance

March 19, 2015
| Sarah Jo and Carissa Roponnen honour International Women's Day by airing clips from Dr. Sunera Thobani and Dr. Vikki Reynolds about women's oppression and resistance.
Length: 31:46 minutes (36.36 MB)
The F Word

A Dangerous Disconnect: Multiple court proceedings and intimate partner violence

March 18, 2015
| A lecture given by former B.C. Supreme Court justice Donna Martinson at the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies at UBC on domestic violence in the justice system.
Length: 33:32 minutes (38.39 MB)
The F Word

Incite and Colour of Violence

March 9, 2015
| Pragya Esh interviews Rachel Caidor, organizer with Incite: Women & Trans* People of Color Against Violence and Color of Violence 4.
Length: 33:50 minutes (38.72 MB)
The F Word

Mixed-race/hybrid-identity and organizing

February 23, 2015
| Adrienne and guests discuss how critical understandings of race are significant to developing a feminist politics and praxis.
Length: 46:48 minutes (53.58 MB)
The F Word

Feminism and the Media in 2014

February 23, 2015
| From Ghomeshi to Gamergate, a panel conversation about Feminism and the Media in 2014, recorded live at BARtalk as part of the University of British Columbia's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
Length: 38:37 minutes (44.21 MB)
The F Word

Black Lives Matter

February 4, 2015
| In honour of Martin Luther King Jr Day, we are sharing a recent event that called out the Academic community about their responsibility to engage in the Black Lives Matter movement.
Length: 44:54 minutes (51.39 MB)
The F Word

Seeing Red: Examining sexualized violence in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

January 13, 2015
| The F Word explores how sexualized violence is portrayed in the iconic show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Length: 37:11 minutes (42.57 MB)
The F Word

Fat Politics Part 2: Fat Politics 201

December 26, 2014
| The F Word's Pragya Esh and Carissa Ropponen speak to Kalamity Hildebrandt of Fat Panic! about fat politics. Part two of a two part series.
Length: 47:54 minutes (54.83 MB)
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