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#CityTalk: Senegal's African renaissance

November 22, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from a Senegalese-Gambian journalist at the African Press Agency about Senegal's African renaissance.
Length: 16:59 minutes (23.61 MB)
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#CityTalk: Barcelona's Ramblas (2 of 2)

November 13, 2012
| #CityTalk international dodges tourists on a walking tour of La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain.
Length: 07:36 minutes (10.71 MB)
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#CityTalk: Barcelona's Ramblas (1 of 2)

November 13, 2012
| #CityTalk international hears from a group educating locals and tourists alike about the importance of La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain.
Length: 09:29 minutes (13.3 MB)
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#CityTalk: From Overdale to Underdale

November 6, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from a Montreal blogger and journalist about his time living in one of the city's most misunderstood 'hoods.
Length: 17:01 minutes (23.62 MB)
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#CityTalk: Montrealers of yesterday, today and tomorrow

October 27, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from the director of Ecomusée du fier monde, Montreal's museum of working class history.
Length: 17:37 minutes (24.46 MB)
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#CityDoc: Operation Park Avenue

October 26, 2012
| #CityDoc hears from organizers and participants of a citizen-led urban design workshop re-imagining the northern sector of Park Avenue in Montreal.
Length: 14:28 minutes (20.13 MB)
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#CityTalk: Hotel Jolicoeur

October 20, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from two members of the Montreal artists' collective, Hotel Jolicoeur, about their book on the former brothel turned condos.
Length: 17:30 minutes (24.26 MB)
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#CityTalk: Montreal's Gay Village

October 12, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from McGill University urban sociology professor Donald Hinrichs about his new book on Montreal's Gay Village.
Length: 17:15 minutes (23.92 MB)
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#CityTalk: The Other Montreal

October 9, 2012
| #CityTalk hears from L'Autre Montreal, an urban collective of explorers sharing the alternative history of this city.
Length: 18:36 minutes (8.52 MB)
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#CityTalk: Couchsurfing Montreal

September 30, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk looks into Montreal's ranking as the fourth top Couchsurfing city in the world. Montreal trails Paris, London and Berlin as the city with the largest network of couchsurfers.
Length: 18:53 minutes (8.65 MB)
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