Duncan Cameron

Born in Victoria B.C. in 1944, Duncan now lives in Vancouver. Following graduation from the University of Alberta he joined the Department of Finance (Ottawa) in 1966 and was financial advisor to the Canadian Delegation at the United Nations General Assembly in 1967. After working at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), he went on to complete a doctorate from the University of Paris I (Paris-Sorbonne) in 1976.

Duncan is an adjunct professor of political science at Simon Fraser University, a director of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy at Concordia University in Montreal, and a research fellow of the Centre for Global Political Economy at SFU. He was a member of the political science department at the University of Ottawa from 1975 until 2004.

He is the author, co-author, editor or coeditor of 11 books including Ethics and Economics (with Gregory Baum), The Other Macdonald Report (with Daniel Drache), The Free Trade Papers, The Free Trade Deal, Canada Under Free Trade (with Mel Watkins) and Constitutional Politics (with Miriam Smith).

Duncan Cameron
Jan 20, 2009

Cash on demand

Who says Canada does not have a sub-prime mortgage situation? The Globe reports American mortgage insurers are calling for the federal government to under-write all their risks in the Jan. 27 budget.
Dec 23, 2008

Depression prevention

When the economy starts seriously to shrink, a new set of policy rules comes into play. Call them depression prevention measures.
Jan 6, 2009

Wall Street, RIP

"Financial genius is a rising market," wrote the late John Kenneth Galbraith. The falling market of 2008, on the other hand, was the year Wall Street died.
Jan 1, 2009

Free trade at twenty

Twenty years ago on January 1, the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came into effect, following a tumultuous national argument.
Dec 16, 2008

An open letter to Michael Ignatieff

As new Liberal leader, does Michael Ignatieff's lead his party in voting with the Harper Conservatives, as in the past; or work with the coalition, defeat the Conservatives and become prime minister?
Dec 1, 2008

Making coalition government work

Losing the confidence of the House of Commons, as the Harper government did when it failed to recognize a worldwide economic slump, opens the door for a coalition government to take power.
Nov 25, 2008

From recession to depression

Now that even Prime Minister Harper is using the word "recession" to describe Canada's economic situation, there is an obvious follow-up: what needs to be done about it?
Nov 18, 2008

Stephen Harper, take two

Stéphane Dion liked to point out the advantage he gained because people underestimated him. Dion then proceeded to underestimate Stephen Harper and his party.


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