Duncan Cameron

Sep 19, 2008

Not as easy as ABC

Thoughtful people are terrified at the prospect of a Harper majority. The ABC response — Anybody But Conservatives — will be heard more and more as the Liberal campaign spins its wheels.
Sep 12, 2008

Harper's majority

Canada is having an election simply because Stephen Harper believes his party — the Harpers — can win a majority of seats in
Sep 4, 2008

The Dion election

Stephen Harper wants an election. The election theme is well rehearsed. Stéphane Dion is a wimp, not a leader. Dion wants to raise taxes. The Liberal leader has trouble speaking English. T
Aug 29, 2008

Green Bonds gaining ground

Issuing Green Bonds is one positive way for governments to bring citizens anxious to contribute to reducing global warming together with green investment projects funded by government.
Aug 21, 2008

Getting out the vote

There is an astounding revelation in a recent <i>New Yorker</i> feature about Barack Obama. When it appeared this summer, the article's damning revelation about how American electoral politics works
Aug 14, 2008

The digital left

In the digital era, with the advent of the Internet and Web 2.0, democratic politics is being re-invented.
Jul 25, 2008

Sheer poetry: The Regina Manifesto

The first full CCF convention was held 75 years ago, July 19 to 21 in Regina. The price of wheat that year was 39 cents a bushel, the lowest in history, and the Queen City was preparing to welcome th
Jul 17, 2008

New name needed for NDP

Words have magic properties. Names matter. So why not change the name, if it helps to attract more supporters, members and voters?
Jul 11, 2008

Carbon taxes and social classes

A political leader cannot go far wrong by doing what is best for the country, choosing what is right for people, and then acting. The only problem is agreeing on what is meant by "best" and by "right
Jun 25, 2008

The real green shift

The most obvious problem with the Green Shift proposed by St&#195;&#169;phane Dion is that the Liberal party plan will not reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, if at all. The hidden assumpt
Jun 19, 2008

Walter Gordon: the last liberal

Michael Ignatieff wants Canada to have an east-west energy corridor linking provinces producing low greenhouse gas emitting electricity with those still burning coal, and increasing energy security.
Jun 13, 2008

Fire Flaherty

Monday was the sixth day of the CAW blockade of GM Canada headquarters in Oshawa. The union does not plan a strike, and the blockade has been peaceful, but there is great anger in Oshawa, and Durham
Jun 6, 2008

Central Canada unites against Ottawa

Premiers Jean Charest and Dalton McGuinty emerged from an historic Quebec-Ontario joint cabinet meeting in Quebec City, June 2, to announce a regional climate agreement, and other projects for joint
May 29, 2008

The carbon tax conundrum

Jack Layton, leader of the very green federal NDP, is under attack by Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, and environmentalist, David Suzuki, for not supporting a new carbon tax regime to help reduce
May 22, 2008

Canadians losing big to Big Oil

The logic is simple. If oil companies are making money at $70 a barrel, and through no action on their part, their price increases to $115 a barrel, why should they get to pocket the difference?
May 16, 2008

The next Keynesian revival

Keynes is back. After being considered wrong, and consigned to the past, his theories &#151; conceived to fight the depression of the 1930s &#151; have become current again.
May 9, 2008

The Harper game plan

If you want to continue the fight between federalists, and sovereignists, vote for the Liberals or the Bloc. If you prefer economic prosperity, choose the Conservatives. This is the message being roa
May 1, 2008

Resisting recession

The Liberals want Canadians to ask who should we trust to run the economy? As the economic situation sours, people tend to blame governments for not doing enough to turn things around.
Apr 29, 2008

Resisting recession

Duncan Cameron
The Liberals want Canadians to ask who should we trust to run the economy? As the economic situation sours, people tend to blame governments for not doing enough to turn things around.
Apr 25, 2008

Sue your banker

Canada's capitalists are squabbling. The issue is how to divvy up the costs of taking on bad debts associated with the sub-prime meltdown in the U.S.
Apr 17, 2008

The financial bust of 2008

This past week, Volcker, in a landmark New York speech, read a lesson in central banking to current Fed Chair Ben Bernanke; and he also announced that financial markets had "failed the market test."
Apr 3, 2008

The Dion disadvantage

As celebrity MP Bob Rae takes his parliamentary seat, distinctly non-celebrity Liberal leader St&#195;&#169;phane Dion continues to weather vicious attacks originating in his home province, and ampli


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