Duncan Cameron

Born in Victoria B.C. in 1944, Duncan now lives in Vancouver. Following graduation from the University of Alberta he joined the Department of Finance (Ottawa) in 1966 and was financial advisor to the Canadian Delegation at the United Nations General Assembly in 1967. After working at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), he went on to complete a doctorate from the University of Paris I (Paris-Sorbonne) in 1976.

Duncan is an adjunct professor of political science at Simon Fraser University, a director of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy at Concordia University in Montreal, and a research fellow of the Centre for Global Political Economy at SFU. He was a member of the political science department at the University of Ottawa from 1975 until 2004.

He is the author, co-author, editor or coeditor of 11 books including Ethics and Economics (with Gregory Baum), The Other Macdonald Report (with Daniel Drache), The Free Trade Papers, The Free Trade Deal, Canada Under Free Trade (with Mel Watkins) and Constitutional Politics (with Miriam Smith).

Duncan Cameron
Sep 22, 2004

Hockey Night in New York

I gave up Molson products the same day it became public knowledge that the brewery, through its ownership of the Montreal Canadiens, had voted to block an NHL franchise for Vancouver. Montreal (Molso
Sep 15, 2004

Americanism: the ideology of World War IV

Much of the world enjoys American music, jazz in particular. The U.S. offers spectacular scenery, and, generally, a warm welcome to its many visitors. American authors are widely translated and distr
Sep 8, 2004

Capitalism 101

A Canadian story made the front page of the <i>Times</i> and the <i>Journal</i> last week. Okay, that would be the <i>New York Times</i> and the <i>Wall Street Journal</i>, and the main subject, Conr
Sep 1, 2004

CHOI-FM: Radio Garbage Can

It is not every day that a radio station gets shut down. But that is what the CRTC wanted to do to CHOI-FM in Quebec City. CHOI specializes in shock. Its top show features animator Jean-Fran&#195;&#
Aug 18, 2004

The Just Society and its enemies

The Conservatives got in electoral trouble in the recent election campaign when they questioned gay rights, abortion rights, the Supreme Court as guardian of the Charter of Rights, and official langu
Jul 28, 2004

Martin should either govern or resign

Paul Martin defined his government's agenda when he denounced the &#147;culture&#148; of Ottawa, and announced everything would have to change. There is little doubt he wants the public sector to b
Jul 21, 2004

Visions of Vancouver, lessons for Canada

In 1968, Vancouver was home to the people's park. The site was prime waterfront, Coal Harbour next to the Bayshore Hotel. It was a big open squat on a developer's lot. Fun in the park meant smoking d
Jul 14, 2004

All debt is not made equal

Read the financial pages of our corporate press, or listen to your average political commentary, and you would recognize the following standard propositions. Foreign investment is good, and needs to


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