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'Storming the Digital Divide' illustrates how PovNet made the Internet accessible

October 20, 2016
| PovNet was born out of a meeting of anti-poverty activists in 1997 who wanted to make the Internet accessible to all. A new comic book tells the story of this unique online resource.
Length: 13:32 minutes (12.39 MB)

Eritreans accuse Canadian company of forced labour in mine

October 19, 2016
| B.C. Supreme Court is allowing three Eritrean refugees to proceed with a civil lawsuit against the Canadian mining company Nevsun, which they say knowingly used forced labour in its operations.
Length: 14:56 minutes (13.68 MB)

UN report says sanctions against Syria make aid work impossible

October 18, 2016
| Sanctions are crippling the efforts of aid workers in Syria as the country faces a humanitarian catastrophe, according to a recent UN report leaked to Rania Khalek of the Electronic Intifada.
Length: 12:47 minutes (11.71 MB)

Why Colombians rejected peace deal with FARC

October 17, 2016
| After 50 years of war that killed thousands and displaced millions, the Colombian government signed a peace deal with the FARC guerillas. But on October 2, Colombians voted to reject the peace accord.
Length: 15:36 minutes (14.28 MB)

Liberals launch public consultation on national security

October 16, 2016
| Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association says it’s imperative for Canadians to participate if they have concerns about the new security powers brought in under Bill C-51.
Length: 14:25 minutes (13.21 MB)

Court challenge slows tropical wood exports from Papua New Guinea

October 11, 2016
| The land in Papua New Guinea is almost entirely controlled by local communities. Yet a legal loophole has allowed foreign companies to log and export tropical wood from the country.
Length: 14:30 minutes (13.29 MB)

Maude Barlow talks with David Suzuki about her new book, 'Boiling Point'

October 4, 2016
| Maude Barlow was in Vancouver on Sept. 29 to celebrate the launch of her latest book "Boiling Point" about Canada's water crisis. She shared the stage with scientist and activist David Suzuki.
Length: 46:00 minutes (42.12 MB)

First Nations in federal court, arguing Site C infringement of treaty rights

October 3, 2016
| Treaty 8 Nations were before the Federal Court of Appeal in Montreal in September, saying that B.C. Hydro's plans to flood a swath of their territory constitute an infringement of their treaty rights.
Length: 16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)

Brian Day's court challenge threatens universal health care

September 28, 2016
| On September 6, the B.C. Supreme Court began hearing Cambie Surgeries Corp's constitutional challenge to the Medicare Protection Act. Colleen Fuller says the case poses a grave threat to our system.
Length: 18:32 minutes (16.98 MB)

Former Olympic athlete on political history of the Games

September 27, 2016
| Jules Boykoff is a former athlete with the U.S. men's national soccer team. He currently teaches political science at Pacific University in Portland, Oregon. Boykoff spoke in Vancouver July 18.
Length: 37:16 minutes (34.12 MB)
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