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Radical Brownies of East Oakland

March 19, 2015
| The Radical Brownies are a troop of 8- to 12-year-old girls in the Bay Area who earn badges for units like radical beauty and environmental justice. Anayvette Martinez is one of the founders.
Length: 16:53 minutes (15.46 MB)

Deportation deadline approaching for migrant workers

March 17, 2015
| On April 1, thousands of migrant workers will be required to leave Canada under recent changes to Canada's immigration policy, and they won't be allowed be back for at least four years.
Length: 11:48 minutes (10.81 MB)

Book: Canoe Crossings

March 16, 2015
| The canoe has played a integral role in the lives of people in Canada for thousands of years. A new book takes us from the earliest days of the canoe to its current place in the culture of B.C.
Length: 16:53 minutes (15.46 MB)

Film: One River, Many Relations

March 15, 2015
| The Mikesew Cree and Athabasca Chipewan First Nations live along the Athabaska River, downstream from the Alberta tar sands, a project which affects almost every aspect of their daily lives.
Length: 19:15 minutes (17.63 MB)

Canadian embassy involved in suppressing protest in Mexico

March 11, 2015
| Documents obtained by Mining Watch Canada show that the Canadian ambassador to Mexico assisted Excellon Resources in its efforts to get the Mexican state to shut down a protest at one of its mines.
Length: 17:02 minutes (15.6 MB)

Book: The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

March 10, 2015
| Yvonne Bambrick has been cycling in traffic for years. She wrote this new book to help both new riders and veteran cyclists gain the skills to negotiate city streets safely.
Length: 12:41 minutes (11.62 MB)

New B.C. law treats water as resource, not public trust

March 9, 2015
| Last year, the B.C. government introduced the Water Sustainability Act. The legislation will regulate groundwater and measure large-scale water use. Critics says the act is too industry-friendly.
Length: 12:12 minutes (11.18 MB)

Hundreds of expert recommendations to end violence against First Nations women ignored

March 8, 2015
| A new report urges the federal government to implement the recommendations in the 58 studies that have been done into ending violence against First Nations women and girls.
Length: 19:55 minutes (18.24 MB)

Haitian parliament suspended, leaving president to rule by decree

March 2, 2015
| President Michel Martelly and the Haitian senate have been unable to agree on law for administering elections. As a result, parliament is no longer sitting and the president is now ruling by decree.
Length: 12:57 minutes (11.86 MB)

Leaks reveal scope of government spying on Canadians

March 2, 2015
| Recent revelations show that Canada's electronic spy agency analyzes up to 15 million downloads per day. The CSE is also tracking visits to government websites and collecting emails to MPs.
Length: 21:12 minutes (19.42 MB)
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