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Sexual pharmaceutical industry pushing for approval of 'pink Viagra'

December 19, 2014
| Thea Cacchioni is a sociologist who studies the medicalization of sex. In 2010, she testified at an FDA hearing against the approval of Flibanserin, a drug proposed to treat sexual desire disorder.
Length: 11:33 minutes (10.59 MB)

Police dogs leading cause of injury by police in B.C.

December 19, 2014
| Last month new provincial regulations were established to help reduce the incidents and severity of police dog bites. Pivot Legal has been gathering statistics on police dog injuries for some time.
Length: 10:39 minutes (9.77 MB)

Eyewitness report from Mount Polley mine disaster site

December 17, 2014
| Two activists from Vancouver Island travelled to a Secwepemc camp at Mount Polley to bear witness to the destruction following the collapse in August of the dam holding back a tailings pond.
Length: 14:45 minutes (13.51 MB)

Canadian Wheat Board assets to be handed over to private investor

December 16, 2014
| In 2011 the federal government purged farmer-elected directors from the Canadian Wheat Board and replaced them with Harper appointees. Now CWB assets are to be given to a private grain company.
Length: 15:25 minutes (14.12 MB)

The Pom Bombs: Radical Sass Cheer Troupe

December 10, 2014
| Dressed in turquoise, silver and lots of glitter, the Pom Bombs take their political chants out into the streets to raise energy, start dialogue and have fun.
Length: 10:46 minutes (9.86 MB)

When domestic violence comes to work

December 8, 2014
| "Can Work Be Safe When Home Isn't?" is a new report showing the results of the first Canadian survey on the impacts of domestic violence in the workplace.
Length: 11:49 minutes (10.83 MB)

Remembering the Montreal massacre

December 7, 2014
| In 1989, a man walked into the École Polytechnique in Montreal and killed 14 women engineering students. We speak with Elinor Warkentin who was involved in creating a monument in Vancouver.
Length: 11:28 minutes (10.51 MB)

A feminist view of the revolution in Ukraine

December 5, 2014
| Marusya Borciurkiw is a Canadian filmmaker of Ukrainian descent. She traveled to Kyiv at the end of April to direct a documentary about activists in Ukraine during and after the Euromaidan revolution.
Length: 19:38 minutes (17.98 MB)

UBC institute set up to promote Canadian mining overseas

December 5, 2014
| The International Institute for Extractive Industries and Development claims it wants to help countries benefit from their resources in environmental and socially responsible ways.
Length: 12:00 minutes (11 MB)

Book: Base Nation

December 5, 2014
| In the Persian Gulf alone, the U.S. military has major bases in every country except Iran. There are bases in Pakistan on one end of the region and in the Balkans on the other.
Length: 15:23 minutes (14.09 MB)
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