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Shameless Magazine celebrates 10th anniversary

November 25, 2014
| Shameless Magazine is an independent Canadian voice for young women and trans youth. It's run by volunteers and guided by a feminist and anti-racist approach.
Length: 16:10 minutes (14.81 MB)

SFU professor one of 60 arrested on Burnaby Mountain

November 23, 2014
| Lynne Quarmby is professor of molecular biology at SFU. On Friday she decided to cross the police line erected around the Kinder Morgan drill site on Burnaby Mountain.
Length: 12:09 minutes (11.13 MB)

Residents fight plans for new base in Okinawa, Japan

November 21, 2014
| The island of Okinawa has been a military outpost for the United States since the end of World War II. Now there are plans to build new bases. Okinawan residents are resisting fiercely.
Length: 14:47 minutes (13.54 MB)

Book launch: Red Skin, White Masks

November 18, 2014
| Glen Coulthard's book is for the generation of First Nations activists who want to change things entirely. Coulthard tackles current Indigenous-settler relations in Canada, drawing on Marx and Fanon.
Length: 55:14 minutes (50.58 MB)

Mexican police complicit in murder of 43 student teachers

November 12, 2014
| At the end of September, students from a rural teachers college were protesting in the southern Mexican State of Guererro. 57 students were arrested by police, 43 of whom were never seen again.
Length: 16:29 minutes (15.1 MB)

Putting a gender lens on municipal issues

November 5, 2014
| City councils need to consider the particularities of women's lives, according to Ellen Woodsworth of Women Transforming Cities. Housing, transit, emergency preparedness all need a gender lens.
Length: 11:06 minutes (10.17 MB)

Kshama Sawant on why Seattle voters elected a socialist

November 5, 2014
| Socialist Kshama Sawant ran for a seat on city council in Seattle with a campaign promise to introduce a minimum wage of $15, more than double the federal rate.
Length: 33:57 minutes (31.09 MB)

The Raymur Mothers: They Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

November 2, 2014
| A new play tells the story of how a group of single mothers in a social housing project in East Vancouver camped out on the train tracks to force Vancouver City Council to build a railway overpass.
Length: 13:30 minutes (12.37 MB)

Why women don't report rape and sexual assault

November 2, 2014
| In the past week, thousands of women have shared their experiences of rape on Twitter. The hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported says it all. Ariana Barer talks about why it's still so hard to report rape.
Length: 15:30 minutes (14.2 MB)

Proposed legislation leaves small non-profits vulnerable to SLAPP suits

October 31, 2014
| The BC government is proposing a major re-write of the legislation that governs close to 27,000 non-profits incorporated in the province. A few clauses are raising alarm bells.
Length: 15:44 minutes (14.42 MB)
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