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What's yours is mine: Against the sharing economy

April 29, 2016
| In his recent book, Tom Slee delivers a sharp critique of technology companies like Airbnb and Uber, arguing that these businesses damage rather than serve the interests of communities.
Length: 24:18 minutes (22.26 MB)

Creative Disruption: Resisting fossil fuel projects in Pacific Northwest

April 27, 2016
| A year ago, Mary Democker "condemned" six of her neighbours' houses and built a block-long pipeline to draw attention to the Jordan Cove pipeline which will bring fracked gas to the Oregon coast.
Length: 10:30 minutes (9.62 MB)

UN report slams Canada for homelessness crisis

April 23, 2016
| A coalition of 30 housing advocate groups from across Canada went to Geneva in February to speak before a UN human rights committee. Kenneth Hale was part of the delegation.
Length: 11:34 minutes (10.6 MB)

Trans Pacific Partnership undermines Canadian cultural policy

April 21, 2016
| A new study on the TPP questions why Canada allowed countries like Japan and the United States to significantly weaken protection for Canadian culture.
Length: 14:01 minutes (12.85 MB)

Jennifer Loewenstein: Why suicide bombers target European cities

April 20, 2016
| Following the attack on Brussels, politicians talk about preventing more attacks and the media discuss the effect of security measures on civil liberties, but there’s little focus on why it happened.
Length: 15:54 minutes (14.56 MB)

Port expansion behind plans for new 10-lane bridge over Fraser

April 13, 2016
| The B.C. government seismically upgraded the George Massey crossing, created a bus lane and talked of twinning the tunnel. Then Port Metro Vancouver asked for a bridge and plans suddenly changed.
Length: 11:26 minutes (10.48 MB)

Ambitious project connects youth with nature

April 12, 2016
| In January, the Vancouver parks department cleared a large area of blackberry in Strathcona Community Garden. The plan is to restore the site to a natural habitat for indigenous wildlife.
Length: 13:41 minutes (12.54 MB)

Women in P.E.I. regain access to abortion after 35 years

April 11, 2016
| On March 31, the P.E.I. government said they would start providing local access for abortions by the end of 2016. The change in policy was the result of a legal challenge by Abortion Access Now PEI.
Length: 16:17 minutes (14.91 MB)

Imagining a new post office for the post-carbon economy

April 9, 2016
| In this age of electronic everything, Canadians don't use their local post office as much anymore. But the post office is a community hub in other countries and it could be here too.
Length: 11:44 minutes (10.75 MB)

Kristin Henry brings fight against Site C to downtown Vancouver

April 4, 2016
| Kristin Henry was on hunger strike outside BC Hydro offices on Dunsmuir Street for 19 days. She was taken to hospital on March 31. We speak with Peace River Valley farmer Sage Birley.
Length: 16:03 minutes (14.7 MB)
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