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Joan Haggerty's new novel is a West Coast family saga

August 27, 2016
| A new novel by novelist and Bowen Island resident Joan Haggerty follows four families, including one Japanese family, through the tumultuous years of the Second World War and beyond.
Length: 18:55 minutes (17.33 MB)

New coalition calls for an end to gender designation on ID

August 20, 2016
| Gender identification on passports, drivers' licences and SIN cards is unnecessary and can be used to discriminate against trans people, according to the new Gender-Free I.D. Coalition.
Length: 15:44 minutes (14.41 MB)

Vancouver housing activists achieve victory on city-owned lot

August 18, 2016
| After residents set up a tent city in the downtown eastside and held a day of action on housing justice, Mayor Robertson agreed social housing with 100 per cent low-income rents at 58 West Hastings.
Length: 15:58 minutes (14.62 MB)

Canada Post and CUPW back at the table

July 18, 2016
| Two weeks ago Canada Post issued 72-hour lockout notice to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. But management withdrew its lockout notice when it didn't get the backing of the Liberal government.
Length: 14:20 minutes (13.13 MB)

Site C opponents raise a paddle against dam project

July 18, 2016
| On July 9, thousands of people grabbed a paddle to oppose B.C. Hydro's Site C dam. The dam will flood thousands of hectares of prime agricultural land, much of it within Treaty 8 territory.
Length: 19:01 minutes (17.42 MB)

False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton

July 16, 2016
| If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the first woman president in U.S. history. Major women's organizations have endorsed her. A new book raises questions about Clinton's commitment to feminism.
Length: 17:17 minutes (15.84 MB)

Link between intimate partner violence and mass killings

July 12, 2016
| Following the mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub, family members said the shooter had no record of previous hate crimes. But that depends on how you categorize domestic violence.
Length: 15:21 minutes (14.06 MB)

Grassy Narrows demands cleanup of mercury in lakes and rivers

July 12, 2016
| Judy Da Silva says mercury dumped into the waterways nearly 60 years ago must be cleaned up. She says Premier Wynne is using scare tactics when she says cleanup will make the situation worse.
Length: 14:26 minutes (13.23 MB)

Liberals consider selling off public assets to pension funds

June 28, 2016
| The Liberals are looking at privatizing public assets to pay for the billions of dollars of infrastructure spending they promised. Brent Patterson says Canada Post and the CBC could be at risk.
Length: 14:23 minutes (13.18 MB)

TPP opens Canada up to lawsuits over public policy

June 27, 2016
| Canada is already the most sued developed country in the world. The Trans-Pacific Partnership will open Canada up to yet more lawsuits over its environmental and resource management policies.
Length: 15:59 minutes (14.65 MB)
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