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Understanding the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian politics

April 23, 2014
| Mohammed Morsi became Egypt’s first civilian president in 2012. He was ousted in a coup the following year. Now more than 500 of his supporters have been sentenced to death.
Length: 15:01 minutes (34.37 MB)

25 years after Exxon Valdez disaster, oil still found on beaches

April 13, 2014
| It took 10 years for pink salmon stocks to recover, herring has still not recovered and local communities continue to suffer health and economic impacts from the oil spill.
Length: 15:13 minutes (13.94 MB)

Rights groups call for independent CBSA watchdog

April 11, 2014
| The Canada Border Services Agency has sweeping police powers, yet unlike most other police forces in Canada, there is no independent oversight body to review its actions.
Length: 13:28 minutes (12.33 MB)

B.C. Parks opened up to pipelines, highways

April 10, 2014
| On March 24, the B.C. government passed a bill to make it easier to change park boundaries and allow industrial development. The bill specifically mentions pipelines, highways and transmission.
Length: 09:58 minutes (9.13 MB)

A conversation with Arundhati Roy

April 8, 2014
| Arundhati Roy paid her first visit to Vancouver in early April. While she was there, Carmen Rodriguez took the opportunity to talk with her about politics, writing and resistance movements.
Length: 22:54 minutes (20.98 MB)

Why we shouldn't buy into the smear campaign against the Portland Hotel Society

April 6, 2014
| After Mark Townsend was forced to resign, critics from the left as well as the right accused the PHS of corruption. Michael Stewart says that's exactly what the government wanted us to do.
Length: 12:48 minutes (11.73 MB)

Loss of agricultural land threatens food security

April 4, 2014
| The Agricultural Land Reserve was set up in the 1970s to protect prime farming land from development. Now there are rumours that the provincial government is planning to dismantle the ALR.
Length: 16:56 minutes (15.51 MB)

System change not climate change

April 2, 2014
| Richard Smith argues it's impossible to both maximize profit and save the planet. Smith has written extensively on ecology and capitalism for New Left Review, Monthly Review and other magazines.
Length: 20:52 minutes (19.11 MB)

Rewilding Vancouver

March 31, 2014
| A new exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver aims to spark a public conversation about what kind of natural world people want to have around them in Vancouver.
Length: 10:49 minutes (9.91 MB)

Maude Barlow on the future of the world's water

March 30, 2014
| A recent UN report says the energy sector has great political clout but water lacks any influence. It's this lack of influence that Maude Barlow has been fighting to address for more than a decade.
Length: 33:27 minutes (30.63 MB)
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