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UN report card slams Canada's record on human rights

August 12, 2015
| A recent United Nations report documents the loss of human rights protections in Canada since Harper came to power in 2006. Lara Yeo says the report is a sobering read.
Length: 17:50 minutes (16.33 MB)

Worth Fighting For: Canada's Tradition of War Resistance

August 12, 2015
| Stephen Harper wants to rebrand Canada as a nation steeped in warrior traditions. A new book tells the story of the many Canadians who opposed war and violence as far back as 1812.
Length: 10:35 minutes (9.7 MB)

Japanese PM positions Japan as prime military power in East Asia

August 12, 2015
| The Japanese government wants to see an end to Japan's commitment to pacifism. Shinzo Abe has the support of the U.S. government in his moves to remilitarize the country.
Length: 19:46 minutes (18.1 MB)

Comic book about abortion aims to demystify the process

August 11, 2015
| A new book follows two separate women as they go through abortions, one surgical, one medical. Leah Hayes wrote and illustrated "Not So Funny Ha Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard."
Length: 13:03 minutes (11.95 MB)

Study finds strong link between fracking density and heart problems

August 7, 2015
| Parts of the U.S. have seen a huge increase in well sites over the past few years. Researchers in Pennsylvania and New York have found a correlation between well density and hospital visits.
Length: 13:10 minutes (12.07 MB)

Finance trumps democracy in Greece

July 30, 2015
| Greek voters rejected austerity in a referendum only to see their government approve the very economic measures they had just voted against. Louis Philippe Rochon says Greece needs to leave the EU.
Length: 13:45 minutes (12.6 MB)

Chinese workers staging thousands of wildcat strikes a year

July 24, 2015
| Labour organizing in China looks different than it does in the West but the issues are the same: wages, benefits and pensions. Eli Friedman is an expert on labour politics in postsocialist China.
Length: 15:49 minutes (14.49 MB)

Ancient old growth in Central Walbran faces new logging threat

July 23, 2015
| Teal Jones holds the tree farm licence for thousands of acres of Vancouver Island. Yet they just decided to log one of the last remaining pockets of ancient forest.
Length: 14:24 minutes (13.2 MB)

WorkSafeBC unfair to workers with chronic pain, says B.C. doctor

July 15, 2015
| Dr. Cecil Hershel is a pain specialist with hundreds of patients who were injured at work. He says the Workers Compensation Board fundamentally misunderstands the nature of chronic pain.
Length: 14:51 minutes (13.6 MB)

Economic Inequality: It's Far Worse Than You Think

July 15, 2015
| While everyone knows that the rich have a lot more money than the poor, we appear to have no idea just how big that gap is. A new article takes a look at our misconceptions about inequality.
Length: 16:00 minutes (14.66 MB)
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