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Smash the State Report: June 28, 2013

July 3, 2013
| Updates on SwampLine9 pipeline blockade +related country wide solidarity. Anti-fracking actions in Elsipogtog + near the Maine border. Border security news + Haudenosaunee Sovereignty and more!
Length: 58:36 minutes (53.66 MB)

Hunger strike for better treatment in jail: Support David Cedeño

January 27, 2013
| David Cedeño has been at the "Penetang prison" for 18 months. In segregation since Sept. 2012 after requesting treatment for a medical condition, David started a hunger strike on Jan. 9.
Length: 15:04 minutes (13.8 MB)

Prison fast in solidarity with Theresa Spence

January 20, 2013
| As Chief Spence starts the second month of her hunger strike, prisoners at the Penetang Prison will fast in solidarity with her and the struggle highlighted by Idle No More.
Length: 18:17 minutes (16.75 MB)

Roundtable: Idle No More - Six Nations

January 10, 2013
| A roundtable with 3 Six Nations (Haudenosaunee) youth discussing Indigenous resistance, native-settler relationships, the power of the grassroots Idle No More and more!
Length: 52:59 minutes (48.52 MB)

Invoking Nationhood, Resisting Colonisation - Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp

January 7, 2013
| The Oshkimaadziig Unity camp, located at Council Rock near Midland, in Ontario is invoking Anishnabek nationhood in a direct way. Kalin Stacy of the GRMC speaks to Gibwinasi, a camp spokesperson.
Length: 36:49 minutes (33.72 MB)

Slamming the Anthropocalypse - interview with 2 BC poets.

November 22, 2012
| on their way thorugh the region on a cross continental Anthropocalypse tour, BC slam poets Johnny MacRae & shayne avec i grec, stopped by CKMS for a quick interview before their kitchener performance.
Length: 26:37 minutes (24.38 MB)

Charges dropped against AW@L Radio host Dan Kellar

November 13, 2012
| After 15 months on bail, the absurd charges against indy journalist and activist Dan Kellar have been dropped. We present a piece from the Toronto Media Co-op and Dan's post-court statement.
Length: 10:17 minutes (9.44 MB)

Resisting reversal: Stopping the tar sands in Ontario

July 6, 2012
| An interview with Stop the Tar Sands KW representative Paisley Cozzarin on the proposed flow reversal of the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline in southern Ontario to precipitate shipping tar sands crude east.
Length: 28:28

Women resist, police repress: Stories of gendered police violence at the Toronto G20

July 1, 2012
| An interview with Shailagh Keaney, whose chapter: Women Resist, Police Repress: Stories of Gendered Police Violence at the Toronto G20, gives real life stories of police brutality.
Length: 29:55

The Twelve Year Tour: Security certificates and Canadian torture regimes

June 15, 2012
| Torture survivor Mohammad Mahjoub spoke of his brutal treatment by Canada's spy agency, after nearly 12 years of state terror at the hands of successive Canadian governments.
Length: 1:07:38
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