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The missing persons of Baluchistan

Photo: http://www.bygwaah.com/

I've seen their silent faces
They scream so loud
If they were to speak these words
They’d go missing too
Another woman on the torture table
What else can they do ?
One day we’ll dance on their graves
One day we’ll sing our freedom
One day we’ll laugh in our joy
And we’ll dance (twice)
Hey Mr. Pinochet, you’ve sown a bitter crop
It’s foreign money that supports you
One day the money is going to stop
No wages for your torturers
No budget for your guns
Can you think of your own mother
Dancin’ with her invisible son?


Needs No Introduction

Robert Fisk on Stephen Harper's foreign policy, the Arab Spring, and the wars in Syria, Mali and Afghanistan

February 1, 2013
| Derrick O'Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain speak with journalist Robert Fisk about Canadian foreign policy under Stephen Harper, the Arab Spring, and the wars in Syria, Mali and Afghanistan.
Length: 25:32 minutes (23.39 MB)
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