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John Bonnar is an independent journalist producing print, photo, video and audio stories about social justice issues in and around Toronto.
| February 15, 2015
| February 14, 2015
| January 29, 2015
| January 24, 2015
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| January 16, 2015
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Group moves to stop GTA legal clinic mergers

January 13, 2015
| My guest today is Oriel Varga, a member of a grassroots coalition fighting the idea of amalgamating 17 independent community legal clinics in the GTA into five super clinics.
Length: 41:57 minutes (38.42 MB)
John Bonnar Audio Blog

Feminist activists remain committed to fight for 24-hour drop-in for women and trans people

January 8, 2015
| Today was the first court appearance for five women arrested and charged with criminal offences on November 25 for refusing to leave a Shelter Support and Housing Administration office in Toronto.
Length: 30:32 minutes (27.96 MB)
John Bonnar Audio Blog

Anti-poverty activist reflects on the importance of saving our social safety net

November 29, 2014
| Harry Leslie Smith grew up poor in England, saw the welfare state raise a generation out of poverty, then watched it systematically dismantled in the last 30 years.
Length: 34:18 minutes (31.41 MB)
| November 26, 2014
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