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Kaitlin McNabb is rabble's interim news coordinator, rabble book lounge coordinator and moderator of the babble book club. She is currently completing the Editing Certificate at Simon Fraser University, satisfying her love for all things writing and editing. Her work has appeared in Discorder, SAD MAG, Port City Lights and Sound on Sight.

A celebration of Black Canadian authors

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A listing of powerful Black Canadian writers who inspire Canadian writing and literature.

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Feel Good Friday roundup: Yes! edition

Photo: flickr/*_Abhi_*

Hello there!

How's your week been? Okay? Has it felt like a sea of 'no' and all you want is a yes?

Well it's about to get a whole lot better -- or so I like to think because it's Feel Good Friday!

We've got geniuses, B.C. teachers, kidney donations , activism and of course Sesame Street.

So dive right in and enjoy!


Feel Good Friday roundup: Kittens! edition

Photo: flickr/John

Friday! Time to feel good!

I've got a cup of coffee in my hand, and I'm ready to make a confession: I like cat videos.

Probably not surprising to all of you since FGF is always littered with cat videos and approximately 1.5 billion cat videos are uploaded each day. But really. What else puts an instant smile on someone’' face? Probably lots of things, but kittens always do the trick.

So alas, I bring you Feel Good Friday with plenty of kittens in the mix.



Feel Good Friday roundup: A case of the grumps edition

Photo: flickr/Shannon Badiee

It's Friday.

I have been sick all week with this cold during a ridiculous heat wave and 1,000 per cent humidity. I. Am. Grumpy. (In case my lack of emoticons and exclamation marks didn't tip you off.)

But, you guessed it! Feel Good Friday is going to make it all better. That, and candy.

So read up, and have yourself a Feel Good Friday.


Feel Good Friday roundup: And we're back! edition

Photo: flickr/Sarah Reid

And we're back!

Good news keep rolling along this week, and we've got stories on celebrities, celebrities, celebrities (!), feminism, activism, art and ... politics in Canadian? Ya! And yes, I put Gilmore Girls in again.

Also, did you all see the Little League World Series pitcher Mo'Ne Davis and her 70 mph fastball? That shit was crazy. Watch. It.

And now, we shall resume with the regular programming of Feel Good Friday!


Feel Good Friday roundup: Smile! edition

Photo: flickr/jessicahtam

Hey there friends!

Happy Feel Good Friday!

Sharks! Gilmore Girls! Sandwiches! Activism! Cats! Smile!

You ready?

Let the good times roll.


Feel Good Friday roundup: TGIF edition

Photo: flickr/JD Hancock

Oh wow, TGIF.

It's Feel Good Friday, so let's dive on in!

It was a great week for Indigenous activism, abortion rights in the states, resurgence of old cat videos and videos of musicians doing things.

And there's more where that came from!

Get ready and get feeling good. Let the reading being!


Feel Good Friday roundup: Are ya hip? edition

Photo: flickr/AndYaDontStop

I've. got. links. I've got links.

Yes, even from different area codes Wink

But in all seriousness, it is Feel Good Friday and we need to get down to business.

This week's good vibes roundup includes mozzarella sticks, protests, JAWS, Mary Poppins, Canadian literature and youth culture.

If that doesn't pique your interest, well then I just don't know what will.

Happy reading!


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