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Kaitlin McNabb is rabble's interim news coordinator, rabble book lounge coordinator and moderator of the babble book club. She is currently completing the Editing Certificate at Simon Fraser University, satisfying her love for all things writing and editing. Her work has appeared in Discorder, SAD MAG, Port City Lights and Sound on Sight.

A celebration of Black Canadian authors

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A listing of powerful Black Canadian writers who inspire Canadian writing and literature.

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Best book reviews of 2014

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by Various

Welp! Another year has come and gone in the book lounge and we've got a whole slew of great reviews to prove it.

With a focus on Canadian publishers and Canadian authors, the book lounge was able to dive into a range of genres from Canadian politics to short stories to environmental issues to poetry and more with our original reviews.

So here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite original rabble reviews from 2014.


The war on higher education: What side are you on? by Tiana Reid


Feel Good Friday roundup: Shake it off edition

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It's time for another Feel Good Friday.

So, a curious thing happened last week. I was all finished posting the FGF, and I was feeling pretty great, smug even, when I saw it. The infamous exercise video. Apparently I'd been living under a rock because I had not seen it yet, even though it was probably "all the rage" and most of you will be all "I saw this last month."

Regardless, I proceeded to watch this video. Over and over again. It's mystique and power pulled me in. And, perhaps, informed this Feel Good Friday a little too much? You decide.

Happy Friday.


Feel Good Friday roundup: !!! edition

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Welp, it's Friday!

Another week has gone, and so, another Feel Good Friday is upon us! Doesn't that, at least, feel a bit... good?!

There have been some great environmental wins (clean jobs!), cool job postings (cat lover!), powerful speeches (Pam Palmater!) and adorable foxes (foxes!)!

Brace yourself for some smiles because it's Feel Good Friday time!

  • Canada is on twitter. Why? Nobody knows! But the trolling of the account has been pretty hilarious, eh!


Feel Good Friday roundup: So much win! edition

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It's been another long week it feels like, doesn't it?

Yeah. So, I think we could all use some good news and laughs!

What's been making the rabble staff laugh and feel good this week? Well I'm glad you asked because I've got a handy list of things right here.

So jump in and enjoy and feel the smiles wash over you.


Feel Good Friday roundup: Whoopee! edition

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Hello everyone!

Another week gone, means another Feel Good Friday for you, you lucky kids.

Here's a few things, quite a few, in fact several things that have been making us laugh, think and feel empowered this week: Ursula K Le Guin! Toni Morrison! Jessica Williams! Roxane Gay!

And obvious animal videos.

So, read on and enjoy and have a great Friday!

  • Indian and Cowboy celebrated its one month anniversary a couple weeks ago, congrats! If you have checked it out, do so now. Like, right now.


Feel Good Friday roundup: Feel good edition

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Hey there!

Here's what has been making me laugh, smile, feel proud and a whole host of other feelings I didn't even know I had this week.

Who doesn't smile when Margaret Atwood chats about libraries? (Well, Doug Ford, but that's beside the point.)

There's lots of other goodies in there for you, so read on and get ready to feel GREAT!


Feel Good Friday roundup: This is a shark edition

Well hello there!

Glad to see you here for another edition of Feel Good Friday, and this time we've got something a little different for ya.

Nah, kidding, it's all the same: All the good, ridiculous, hilarious and exciting news you can handle!

This week: Halloween costume winners (note: picture of me dressed as Harry Potter noticeably absent), Kinder Morgan keeps getting reject, book clubs, good reads and kittens.

Have a great Friday, and I'll see you next week.


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