Linda McQuaig

Jul 5, 2011

Living in conservative times

The architects of today's conservative revolution have obscured the class war that they've been waging, keeping us distracted with foreign military ventures, royals and other celebrity sightings.
Mar 22, 2011

Economic inequality is not 'realistic'

Why is greed and love of money considered good in the case of a wealthy investor, while the wider desire for a decent living standard is considered an expectation to be curbed in ordinary citizens?
Jan 25, 2011

Harper's five years as prime minister

The real story of the past five years isn't Harper's success but the timidity of the opposition in mounting a spirited case for progressive policies that would have sparked wide public support.
Dec 28, 2010

The growth of extreme inequality in Canada

There was always skepticism about claims that, as the rich became richer, income would "trickle down" to others. What wasn't foreseen was that the trickling would actually be in the other direction.
Dec 14, 2010

Vindication for G20 protesters

What is now unmistakably clear in the aftermath of the G20 fiasco is that the vast powers of the state were unjustifiably used against thousands of innocent protesters.
Nov 30, 2010

Battle looms over public pension expansion

The notion that we can't afford strong public programs -- that we're better off buying services on our own -- is one of the central falsehoods blocking meaningful progress toward improving well-being.
Nov 2, 2010

Tea Party fortunes fertilize grassroots

The stunning rise of the Tea Party -- which seems to have had spillover effects here with Rob Ford's victory -- shows how the wealthy have manipulated the anger following the 2008 financial crash.


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