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Roundtable: Idle No More - Six Nations

January 10, 2013
| A roundtable with 3 Six Nations (Haudenosaunee) youth discussing Indigenous resistance, native-settler relationships, the power of the grassroots Idle No More and more!
Length: 52:59 minutes (48.52 MB)

Respecting historic agreements with the Haudenosaunee and walking to Kanonhstaton for peace: A discussion with Luke Stewart

April 20, 2012
| The feature of today's show is our discussion with radical historian Luke Stewart on the upcoming Rally, Walk and Community BBQ taking place on April 28 in Grand River Territory of the Six Nations.
Length: 37:24

Discussing Canadian complicity in torture

March 6, 2012
| Radical historian Luke Stewart joins the show for a discussion on the complicity and the roles of the Canadian government in acts of torture to Canadian citizens and others.
Length: 44:50

Kitchener-Waterloo Peoples' Summit discussion, part one: Canadian Militarism

June 14, 2010
| The first of many discussions at the Kitchener-Waterloo Peoples' Summit, this one focused on militarism in Canada, torture, ongoing colonialism and resistance, and how it all fits with the G8/20.
Length: 1:00:28
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