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Mercedes Allen is a graphic designer and advocate for transsexual and transgender communities in Alberta. She writes on equality, human rights, LGBT and sexual minority issues in Canada, and the cross-border pollination of far-right spin. She blogs at Dented Blue Mercedes and operates a trans information website at
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| December 4, 2014
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'Gender Failure' defies gender rules, roles and assumptions

Gender Failure

by Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon
(Arsenal Pulp Press,

"I had no way to talk about gender. I wasn't allowed to express how uncomfortable it was for me. To resist would have put me in danger, so I kept any subversive thoughts covert. As a person who couldn't conform to what was expected of me, I thought I was a failure and kept it to myself..."


| April 3, 2014
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| March 13, 2014
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