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David Suzuki: The challenges plaguing environmentalism in Canada

Photo: Courtesy Planet in Focus
Phillip Morgan sits down with renowned scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki to discuss some of the challenges plaguing environmentalism in Canada today.

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| October 27, 2016

Science is on the side of Muskrat Falls protesters

Photo by Ossie Michelin
Protesters at Muskrat Falls are demanding that Nalcor Energy clear away vegetation and the surface soil layer from the area to be flooded in order to reduce poisoning by methyl mercury.

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CETA's forgotten impact on Roma refugees from EU countries

Images: Flickr/GLOBAL 2000
CETA between Canada and the EU is on life support. Media wrongly call the resisting Belgian region tiny, while everybody has forgotten the Roma, whom Canada has massively deported.

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Detained migrants hold third hunger strike against Canada's system of indefinite detention

Image: Ello/@MrKeating
Minister Ralph Goodale has shown no sign of turning his promised reforms into action -- leading detainees to the third hunger strike this year and second in less than four months.

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Walking away from electoral reform may be a fatal error for the Trudeau Government

While the PM has not said he is ditching his electoral reform promise, he has taken a big step back from it. But is the voting system a matter about which the public is blissfully indifferent?

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Democracy Now reporter arrested after covering the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo of Amy Goodman by Aditya Ganapathiraju/flickr
Attempts to criminalize nonviolent land and water defenders, humiliate them and arrest journalists should not pave the way for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Bill to promote gender equity fails, Canadian women could wait until 2075 for equality in parliament

29th Annual Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers responsible for
Bill C-237 would offer financial incentives to ensure gender parity during elections. Unfortunately, it will be voted down by the Liberal government.

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One year after election, Trudeau still needs to turn environmental rhetoric into reality

Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Unless Trudeau's rhetoric turns into reality, the Liberals will usher in an era of record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events that will make even last summer look mild.

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Stop thinking about Donald Trump as abnormal

Finally, a call for the mainstream press to take a broader approach to analysing Trump's sexual abuse history.

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