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Alexandra Samur was's managing editor from 2010 to 2012, books and blogs editor from 2007 to 2012. Alex's career in independent media spans more than a decade and includes stints at Ricepaper, Adbusters and Capital magazines and As a journalist, she has reported on a wide range of subjects including arts, urban issues, health and technology. An alternative media production guru, Alex has trained and mentored youth in video production techniques at alternative media hubs in Cambodia and Palestine. Her work online has appeared on websites, The Tyee,, OpenFile, BC Living, Torontoist. Her radio work has been featured on CBC Radio One.
| April 11, 2012
Peter Thompson
| December 1, 2011
| November 3, 2011
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Episode 29 - George Fetherling reveals Walt Whitman's Secret

May 27, 2010
| An interview with George Fetherling about his latest novel Walt Whitman's Secret.
Length: 24:37

Walt Whitman's Canadian cult

Walt Whitman's Secret

Walt Whitman's Secret

by George Fetherling
(Random House,

In this 25-minute interview Alex Samur chats with George Fetherling about his latest novel Walt Whitman's Secret and the impact the American poet had on Canadians.


George Fetherling, the "iconic Canadian poet, writer and editor" (Globe and Mail), has been called "a mercurial, liberal intelligence…the kind of which English Canada has too short a supply" (Montreal Gazette). His 50 books include fiction, memoir, travel narrative and cultural commentary. He lives in Vancouver and Toronto. His column on books appears on


Best of rabble
| April 29, 2010

The best of rabble's best

Best of rabble

Best of 3

by Jenn Watt, ed.

The latest -- and greatest -- volume of the much loved Best of book series is here, hot off the presses!

In what has become an annual tradition, this third "best of" is a pocket-sized reader featuring the best stories in the last year from rabble's news and features section. Highlights include interviews with rabble rousers and thinkers like Tariq Ali, George Galloway and Denis Rancourt; stories of silenced dissent -- many that were donated by activists doing double-duty to both organize and cover events, protests and struggle underreported or ignored entirely by the mainstream press.


What's the skinny on self-publishing?

Brussel Sprouts and Unicorns

by Robert Chaplin
(Robert Chaplin,
Radio book lounge goes underground to explore some unconventional forms of publishing. We ask Vancouver-based author, artist and publisher Robert Chaplin about his own underground tactics and how to get started with self-publishing.


(00:00-00:35) - Intro

(00:36-13:26) - Interview with Robert

(13:27-18:17) - Reading from The Elephant Book and Brussel Sprouts and Unicorns.


radio book lounge

Episode 27 - The art of publishing

February 5, 2010
| Vancouver-based author Robert Chaplin discusses his art, books and alternative forms of publishing.
Length: 18:34
radio book lounge

Amy Goodman detained at Canadian border services

November 26, 2009
| Amy Goodman launched her new book Breaking The Sound Barrier at an event hosted by community radio stations, CJSF, Co-op Radio and CiTR in Vancouver, B.C. last night.
Length: 14:25
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