Murray Dobbin

Murray Dobbin has been a journalist, broadcaster, author and social activist
for 40 years. A past board member with the Canadian Centre for Policy
Alternatives, he has written five studies for the centre including
examinations of charter schools, and "Ten Tax Myths." Murray has been a
columnist for the Financial Post and Winnipeg Free Press and contributes
guest editorials to other Canadian dailies. He writes a regular "State of
the Nation" column for the online journal The Tyee which is published
simultaneously on Murray has written five books, including
critical profiles of Preston Manning, Kim Campbell and Paul Martin. His "The
Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen" has been described as a citizens' guide
to globalization. He has also prepared radio documentaries for the CBC
Radio's Ideas series on subjects including taxes, human rights and the
right-wing transformation of New Zealand. A long-time social activist Murray
has been involved in many movements from the anti-nuclear movement, to the
fight against so-called free trade and public-private partnerships. He is a
Senior Advisor to the Rideau Institute on International Affairs and is on
the board of Canadians for Tax fairness.

Feb 17, 2016

One thing progressives should do more of

Murray Dobbin
Despite surveys that show almost three-quarters of Canadians do, in fact, share our progressive vision of the future, their collective power is never garnered to create real change. Let's change that.
Nov 13, 2015

Trudeau's boldness test: The TPP

Justin Trudeau has proven to be much more bold in his first couple of weeks than almost anyone imagined. But the real measure of how bold Trudeau will be is how he deals with the economy.


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