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Meghan Murphy is a writer and a journalist in Vancouver, B.C. She is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, Canada's most-read feminist blog, and is host and producer of the syndicated Feminist Current podcast. Meghan's writing has been published in New Statesman, The Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, Al Jazeera, Ms. Magazine, AlterNet, Herizons Magazine, The Tyee, Megaphone Magazine, Good,, xoJane, and Vice. Meghan is an evening editor at and writes the monthly progressive dating column, Left in Love. She completed her Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University.
Feminist Current

Constance Backhouse discusses the Dal Dentistry report & why 'locker room talk' matters

July 10, 2015
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Constance Backhouse, chair of the Task Force on Misogyny, Sexism, and Homophobia in the Faculty of Dentistry about rape culture on campus.
Length: 26:55 minutes (24.64 MB)
| June 11, 2015
| June 11, 2015
| June 4, 2015
| June 3, 2015
Feminist Current

Kathleen Barry reports back from The World Summit: End Sexual Exploitation 2025

May 26, 2015
| On May 11th and 12th, The World Summit: End Sexual Exploitation 2025 was held at The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Kathleen Barry speaks with Meghan Murphy about the conference.
Length: 30:12 minutes (27.66 MB)
| May 25, 2015
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