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Meghan Murphy is a writer and a journalist in Vancouver, B.C. She is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, Canada's most-read feminist blog, and is host and producer of the syndicated Feminist Current podcast. Meghan's writing has been published in New Statesman, The Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, Al Jazeera, Ms. Magazine, AlterNet, Herizons Magazine, The Tyee, Megaphone Magazine, Good,, xoJane, and Vice. She completed her Masters degree in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University.
Feminist Current

'Dietland' author Sarai Walker talks fat, fuckability and liberation

May 19, 2016
| In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Sarai Walker, author of a new feminist novel called "Dietland."
Length: 34:20 minutes (15.72 MB)
| May 13, 2016
Feminist Current

Doctors still won't let women choose sterilization as a permanent birth control method

April 27, 2016
| Brie Ripley and Jocelyn Macdonald explore the challenges women face accessing tubal ligation.
Length: 42:24 minutes (19.41 MB)
| April 7, 2016
Image: Henein Hutchinson LLP
| April 5, 2016
| March 31, 2016
| March 25, 2016
Feminist Current

Economic and sexual violence as barriers to sustainable development

March 24, 2016
| On March 17, a panel organized in connection with the UN's 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women addressed prostitution as a system that works against women's sustainability.
Length: 1:15:08 minutes (68.79 MB)
Image: Wikimedia Commons
| March 22, 2016
Feminist Current

Empowerment and 'body positivity' in the selfie age

March 17, 2016
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Lindsay Kite about objectification, empowerment, and Kim Kardashian's sex selfies.
Length: 39:18 minutes (35.98 MB)
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