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Open Letter: Why I don't participate in Movember

Photo: flickr/Skakerman

I keep getting asked about Movember -- if I’ll be "growing a mo' for the boys" and care enough about men’s health issues like testicular cancer to grow a moustache.

I choose not to participate in Movember. I find it problematic for a variety of reasons, which men need to start discussing.

I remember the first time I grew a moustache in November. I was 13 years old. I had barely hit puberty, but lo and behold, hairs had sprouted on my upper lip. As a boy of East-Indian and Ugandan descent, this growth of facial hair was perfectly normal in my culture.

Yet my moustache wasn’t looked upon too kindly by my predominantly white classmates -- I remember being laughed at for what some had deemed my "Paki stache."


| October 30, 2013
Progressive Voices

Front Lines International tour

October 7, 2013
| A tour bringing together Afghanistan and Iraq veterans with those who have suffered under occupation is coming to the GTA.
Length: 25:06 minutes (22.98 MB)
Progressive Voices

Genocide in Burma: The plight of the Rohingya Muslims

August 9, 2013
| Fatema Panju speaks to the struggle of the "most persecuted minority in the world," and Canada's connection to the ongoing repression in Burma.
Length: 14:19 minutes (13.12 MB)

One refugee's fight for justice: The case of Muhammed Sillah

Photo: Justice for Muhammed Sillah

Muhammed, a refugee from Gambia, was arrested and detained on May 29 after having his request for asylum in Canada denied. He has since been detained at Immigration Holding Centre Rexdale, located in Etobicoke. An outspoken advocate of justice for the Gambian people, Muhammed has become an enemy of the repressive regime currently ruling Gambia under President Yahya Jammeh, and fears for his life if forced to return.


Progressive Voices

Marineland owner threatens to kill activist, then sues him for $1.5 million

July 18, 2013
| Mike Garrett, anti-captivity activist, speaks to the $1.5-million SLAPP lawsuit against him by Marineland.
Length: 09:32 minutes (8.73 MB)
Progressive Voices

Reflections on Swamp Line 9

July 12, 2013
| Activists reflect on the occupation of Westover pumping station and the damage the reversal of Line 9 poses to the Indigenous nations along its route.
Length: 20:24 minutes (18.69 MB)
Progressive Voices

Dear Hamilton Slutwalk Organizers

June 19, 2013
| Women* of Hamilton Against Patriarchy discuss their concerns and critiques of Slutwalk as presented in their open letter, "Dear Hamilton Slutwalk Organizers."
Length: 26:20 minutes (24.12 MB)
Progressive Voices

War on Youth: Youth in Revolt

June 10, 2013
| Henry Giroux discusses his book Youth in Revolt: Reclaiming a Democratic Future as part of the War On Youth series.
Length: 10:44 minutes (9.84 MB)
Progressive Voices

150 Years Later: Abolition in the 21st century

May 28, 2013
| On this week's episode of Progressive Voices, Angela Davis, esteemed activist, scholar and educator, gives a free lecture at Liuna Station in Hamilton, Ontario.
Length: 58:40 minutes (53.72 MB)
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