Tania Ehret

Tania Ehret is rabble.ca's B.C. outreach coordinator and media sponsorship liaison. Tania joined rabble as contributing editor and served in the voluntary role of Indie Inside coordinator until 2016. She's involved in all sorts of fun organizing around Vancouver and believes deeply in melding the worlds of social justice and multimedia/arts, making activism accessible to as many people as possible. She likes cats.

Jan 19, 2014

Doing it together

Tania Ehret
The process of changemaking will always be rough, but will remain inevitable through collective reinforcement.
Mar 25, 2013

Indie arts and culture? There's an app for that

Tania Ehret
The first of its kind, the Nub is the new social media face of Canada's arts and culture magazines Broken Pencil, Geist, subTerrain, Matrix Magazine and Taddle Creek.


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