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Tria Donaldson is a youth activist with roots in the environmental movement, the labour movement, and Indigenous rights. Tria is a senior Communications Officer at CUPE National, and on the board of

The Cohen Commission into salmon farms: A look at disease and aquaculture

The way it should be: The wild salmon run at Adam's River in British Columbia's interior in 2010. Photo: John Biehler/Flickr
The Cohen Commission is an incredible opportunity to get the truth about what is going on in fish farms.

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| August 22, 2013

#J28 Day of Action: It's time to send Harper a message he can't ignore

Change the conversation, support today.

 Our country is at a crossroads. Inspiring social movements are meeting a wall of Conservative spin. The incredible power of the Idle No More movement is being belittled in the mainstream media. Conservative forces are attempting to divide Indigenous voices, and paint the grassroots as out of touch and politically naive.


| June 1, 2012
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Youth from the Canadian Youth Delegation turn their back on Environment Minister Peter Kent during his remarks in Durban Climate talks.
| December 8, 2011
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