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The Canadian Auto Workers' union is the largest private sector union in Canada
September 1, 2013 |
Lewenza said he is most proud of how the CAW has been an advocate for the rights of workers and has worked hard to improve the lives of its members and communities.
August 27, 2013 |
Two of Canada's largest unions are planning a rally in Toronto this Friday to protest the Harper government's decision to allow U.S. telco giant Verizon to compete in Canada's teleco market.
August 12, 2013 |
With the Unifor Founding Convention only weeks away, the CAW and CEP have created a Unity Team that is being proposed to lead the new Canadian union.
July 12, 2013 |
The CAW has produced a colourful new 40-page booklet that charts the history of union security laws and workers' rights in Canada, called 'Where did our rights come from?'
July 3, 2013 |
The CAW has joined with a coalition of unions, long-term care advocates, academics and for-profit care providers, in calling on the Ontario government to increase staffing at long-term care homes.
June 26, 2013 |
Older immigrant workers who have been laid off are falling through the cracks of Canada's employment system, with many of them ending up in temporary jobs with few benefits.
June 24, 2013 |
Bill C-377 is a federal private members' bill that will slap extraordinary financial accounting requirements and other burdens on Canadian labour unions.
June 19, 2013 |
The government is threatening to back away from upholding national health-care standards, improving drug coverage and home/community care, and ensuring stable and adequate funding for health care.
May 31, 2013 |
Two great Canadian unions, the Canadian Auto Workers union and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union are forming a new union with a modern, inclusive approach to serve members better.
May 16, 2013 |
Take action and show solidarity with these workers by sending a message to Bangladesh's Prime Minister and the Minister for Labour and Employment.
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