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Canadians for Fair Taxation promotes a progressive tax system, based on ability to pay, to fund the public services and programs required to meet our social, economic and environmental needs.
November 29, 2016 |
National civil society groups have joined Canadians for Tax Fairness, and joined international efforts, to step up its fight against the global tax avoidance epidemic by pushing for strong UN action.
September 1, 2016 |
Apple has more than $215 billion in profits stashed offshore. Some of that money was made in Canada.
August 12, 2016 |
Canada's Revenue Minister promised to use the leaked documents to launch audits and go after possible tax cheats. So, has anything changed?
July 29, 2016 |
Jeff Bezos isn't just the owner of Amazon. He also owns the Washington Post, he's worth $50 billion, he even advises the Pentagon. But according to the IRS he owes $1.5 billion in unpaid taxes.
June 10, 2016 |
Cameco is a multi-billion dollar Canadian company. They mine Canadian uranium. But they only pay 10% corporate taxes in Zug, Switzerland. Sign the petition and demand Cameco pay up.
June 2, 2016 |
Of all Canada's government departments, the Canada Revenue Agency has been the absolute worst at deleting records -- far after the time it is is supposed to dispose of records by law.
May 19, 2016 |
It turns out the CRA pays rent to a serial tax haven user for offices in Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary. Larco Investments hates taxes but loves the $74.3 million it gets from the feds in rent.
April 27, 2016 |
In the span of a single year, CAD $40 billion flowed to the top 10 tax havens –- an all-time high. Tax havens now hold at least $270 billion of Canadian corporate money, mostly untaxed.
April 5, 2016 |
An anonymous source, 11 million leaked documents, and a year-long investigation effort by 400 journalists in over 80 countries have yielded the Panama Papers, an unprecedented look at tax havens.
March 23, 2016 |
The Liberal government has caved on the campaign promise to close the stock option loophole. Too bad, because it costs Canada $1 billion a year and Canadians definitely don't get their money's worth.
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