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Upstream is a movement to create a healthy society through evidence-based, people-centred ideas.
December 13, 2016 |
Developed jointly by the Saskatoon Health Region and Upstream, this report applies a health equity lens to the City of Saskatoon's Growth Plan to Half a Million.
March 15, 2016 |
As exporters like California struggle to maintain production in the face of climate change, Canada must aim to improve our own self-sufficiency.
March 1, 2016 |
Our lives are intimately bound to the historical relationships between what we've come to know as Canada, the state of colonialism, and Indigenous nations.
February 24, 2016 |
'Food insecurity' refers to the inadequate access to food because of financial constraints -- and it's a larger problem in Canada than most realize.
February 5, 2016 |
Acclaimed Canadian author Yann Martel released a new novel: The High Mountains of Portugal. He sat down with Upstream to discuss his book, the importance of story, and his hopes for Canada's future.
December 14, 2015 |
In most developed parts of the world, education is considered an investment -- not an expense.
November 20, 2015 |
Inequality in health is a reality in Canada, even though our health-care system is widely accessible.
March 12, 2014 |
Nova Scotia's Health Minister Leo Glavine floated the idea that people should have to demonstrate healthy lifestyles before accessing our health-care system. Here's why such an idea will fail.
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