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Oct 14, 2005

The search for Black collective consciousness

Tricia Hylton
For a people under the oppression of slavery for more than 400 years, we have made great strides in a short period of time. But tell me, when you look at the state of Black Canada, or for that matte
Oct 7, 2005

Dissent isn't taken lightly Down Under

Scott Parkin
Walking out of a café in Melbourne, I was snatched off the street by four Australian Federal Police and two Immigration Compliant Officers. They informed me I was being placed into “q
Sep 28, 2005

Not just another missing girl

Krista Hunt
For over a month, I had been desperate for news about Alicia Ross, the 25-year-old Markham, Ontario woman who disappeared from her family's home the night of August 16, 2005. Alicia's disappearance m
Sep 27, 2005

Helen Clark: Leadership for real!

Libby Davies
I followed with keen interest the outcome of the recent New Zealand national election and jumped for joy when I heard it looks like Labour's Helen Clark will again be Prime Minister in a Coalition go
Sep 14, 2005

Get back to you on that

Duncan Cameron
In <i>Left Hook</i>, his new book of essays, poet George Bowering talks approvingly about how Canadians, when asked what it means to be Canadian, are likely to respond: &#147;I'll get back to you on
Aug 25, 2005

An open letter to the CBC president

Nadia Alexan
How would you feel if you had to work supplementary hours without remuneration? How would you feel if you could not get married, have children or buy a house/mortgage, because you were not sure if yo
Aug 25, 2005

For whom does the bell toll?

Ralph Nader
While George W. Bush keeps saying that the United States is at war, for most of the United States, apart from the soldiers and military families, the people seem detached from the daily devastation i
Jul 27, 2005

Zucchinis and &#226;e&#166; knowing your neighbour

Lynda Weston
With the zucchini, you look one day and there is a tiny little embryo zucchini nestled amongst the giant leaves. Its exuberant yellow flower is still intact. You look the next day. There are six gian
Jul 22, 2005

Toronto heat swamps global warming guilt

Leah Sandals
This week, sitting at my desk, I am at once as comfortable and uncomfortable as I've been since moving to Toronto. I'm comfortable because even though we've had so many days of heat alert, I am no lo
Jul 12, 2005

Equal marriage: Pride topples prejudice

Svend Robinson
When I graduated from Burnaby North Secondary School in 1969, homosexuality was a criminal offence. I could have gone to jail if I made love with another man. On June 28, the final barrier to full e


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