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Nov 8, 2013
Photo: flckr/calix

'Boys will be boys:' Rob Ford and toxic masculinity

Steph Guthrie
Rob Ford's violent behaviour and oppressive comments seem to be a result of toxic masculinity. If we want more gender diversity in politics, we need to value character traits in non-binary ways.
Nov 6, 2013
Image: Indigenous Nationhood Movement

For our nations to live, capitalism must die

Glen Coulthard
Glen Coulthard asks how might we move beyond a resurgent Indigenous politic that seeks to inhibit the destructive effects of capital to one that strives to create Indigenous alternatives to it?
Nov 4, 2013
photo: wikimedia commons

Is Bell's plan to monitor and profile Canadians legal?

Michael Geist
Bell announced plans to implement new consumer monitoring and profiling practices that would expand how it uses its user information. This is unprecedented in Canada, and is it legal?


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