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Jun 12, 2011

Recent anonymous actions

Peter Marmorek
Anonymous and Wikileaks aren’t exactly the same group: the former is Anonymous, the latter merely anonymous.Important -- and ignored -- Wikileaks and recent actions by Anonymous.
May 10, 2011

Canada's real electoral map: A surge for the left

Jesse McLaren
There has been a shift in consciousness. Looking at the NDP and the combined Tory/Liberal vote, a picture emerges of an eroding but concentrated corporate vote, and a surging NDP vote.
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Quebec future in Harper Majority

The conservative who are used to be know as the bigest Quebec Basher are now in power without quebec vote. For more that 20 year quebec wa not part of canada. What is the best for Quebec and Canada right now?



Alternatives North all candidates forum

Apr 27, 2011 to Apr 28, 2011
Northern United Place
5403 - 50 Avenue (Franklin Ave)
Yellowknife , NT
62° 27' 10.6056" N, 114° 22' 27.048" W
Northwest Territories CA
Western Arctic riding candidates from all parties have been invited to attend and answer questions posed by First Nations, environmental, womens rights and labor groups.
Apr 18, 2011

Changing Northern expectations

Lewis Rifkind
Political parties of all stripes must put forward alternate ways for the North to develop as the southern industrial model will be a catastrophe.
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Harper Coming to Yellowknife - Vote Mob

Students are coming home to the Western Arctic to vote this election.  Today, Prime Minister Harper is bringing his campaign to Yellowknife.  The young people of the city are planning a "Vote Mob" to greet the Prime Minister at the airport.  Ignatieff is coming tomorrow.  The "Mob" is being organized by left-leaning youth in the city to show the leaders that while they didn't vote in large numbers in the last election, they are planning on doing so this election.


I don't know what kind of numbers they will be able to turn out.  One of my daughters is involved in organizing the event. 



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