Oct 4, 2013

#EatLocal in Pangnirtung, Nunavut?

George Lessard
"...The Pangnirtung Greenhouse Corporation is seeking funds to construct two 42' Geodesic Greenhouse Domes in Pangnirtung, Nunavut..."
Jul 20, 2013

Book: Empire's Ally

A new collection of essays from the University of Toronto press takes a critical look at the political economy of war making in general and Canada’s foreign policy in particular.
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Canada New Environment Minister Leona Aqlukkaq Says The North is Wide Open To Big Business!

“As a northerner, I want to say — first and foremost — that people in the North want development,” said Leona Aglukkaq, emphatically. “We want it!”

“You know, we talk about this as an area that is developing – Canada’s North is developing, the Arctic region of every country’s developing. But it’s the private sector that’s actually going to develop those regions — not scientists.”

Aglukkaq’s gung-ho stance on declaring the Arctic open for business is sure to unsettle many expert observers of the region, the focus of countless conservation campaigns around the world and widely seen as the prime planetary symbol of ecosystem-jarring climate change.

Jun 24, 2013

The crisis in the cost of Northern living

George Lessard
There is a spiralling cost of all goods and services in Northern Canada, be it in the three territories or across the northern portion of the provinces. Food is the most immediate & visceral example.
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How To Protect Your Brand - Is Trademark Registration Right For You?

How To Protect Your Brand - Is Trademark Registration Right For You?


Most businesses have spent considerable time and money building their brand. When the public comes to recognize and trust your brand you must be pro-active in protecting it from imposters who are looking to profit off of the hard work and trust that your company has earned. However, trademark registration can be expensive and is not always required. This article highlights when you should or shouldn't bother with TM registration.

It is always advisable that you register your trade-marks, but this costs time and money. You will need to decide whether the benefits of registration outweigh the costs. Here are some initial questions to help you with your decision:


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