Nov 11, 2015

Music and grassroots politics in Montreal

Talking Radical Radio
Musician and community organizer Stefan Christoff talks about the connections between music and radical grassroots politics.
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Silence and Submission, Harassment Chronicles from Suburbia


Milton, Ontario, November 5, 2015:
When is harassment actionable? For real? It isn't meant to be a provocative question. When choosing the ‘issue page’ for this topic, I ultimately chose 'Politics in Canada' because the accused in this situation is a politician, and as yet his party has not acknowledged the following situation.

Oct 24, 2015

Mauvais joueur, mauvais perdant

Pierre Beaudet
Le résultat du vote du 19 octobre aura été aussi cruel pour le NPD que les sondages à répétition depuis plusieurs semaines.
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Québec Con candidate backtracks on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women inquiry

I couldn't find the Qc thread, let alone one on Native issues in the campaign. Yvon Boudreau, Con candidate in Manicouagan (where there is a significant number of Indigenous people) said in a debate that he "believed" a Con government would hold an inquiry.


Manicouagan is the second-largest riding in Québec, after the even larger riding Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou, which is basically the northern half of Québec and larger than several major countries. Jonathan Genest-Jourdiain of the NDP is the current MP. Remember, this is where our friend Boom Boom lived. Jonathan Genest-Jourdain and Roméo Saganaish are the first Indigenous MPs from Québec.



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