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Is BQ making Confederation dysfunctional?

Is the Bloc Quebecois accomplishing its mission in making the Canadian Confederation dysfunctional?

It would not be so easy for Harper to demonize the idea of a "coalition" if it did not include the BQ.

A proportionally small number of Quebec voters elect a large number of BQ MPs that wield national influence. (49 /75seats, or 65% of Quebec's seats with 38% of the province's popular vote)

Aided by the first-past-the-post voting system, the BQ seems to be fulfilling its raison d'être.

Apr 9, 2011

Election dreaming

Pierre Beaudet
Defeating Harper is not impossible, but if and only if opposition parties work together. It is as simple as that.
Apr 8, 2011

First Nations and Quebec

Pierre Beaudet
The main issue with First Nations is not about Quebec nationalists. It is about the Canadian state, and the way it expropriated and discriminated against First Nations.
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Natural gas drilling in Quebec

I'm sure you guys have heard of the debate of natural gas drilling in Quebec. I at first wondered if this was the same stuff you needed to use hydraulic fracturing and apparently it is. I'm familiar with this process and what it's done to the water reserves of towns surrounding it; people having explosive chemicals in their water. At the same time Quebec's economy is beginning to suffer and in the next decade we'll really be able to see the effect of this, unless of course the other provinces want to continue supporting Quebec. I don't know what to think here but it seems it's one of those damned if you do damned if you don't situations.

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Jeff Itcush Mount Royal NDP

Last night I was at the campaign office launch of Jeff Itcush 

Itcush is running for the NDP in Mount Royal.   There was standing room only.  After the first wave of people started to trickle out, a second wave seemed to come in.   There were several cultural community representatives present.  Thomas Mulcair also spoke.

It seemed like his campaign team was experienced and talented.  The office was a suite of rooms that looked like a political "war room".   Itcush spoke about the budget, refugie and immigration issues and youth. 

Apr 5, 2011

Labour troubles on Concordia's Board of Governors

Justin Giovannetti
Still reeling from a crisis of leadership, tensions exploded as two dozen irritated faculty members openly challenged the sitting chair and heckled Concordia's recently named interim president.


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