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#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement.

#Cascadia Now?

There is a separatist movement building slowly in the Pacific Northwest. Its speed reflects the pace of the people outside of its metropolitan centers.  It is not your typical movement based on the right and left spectrum, nor is it necessarily about protecting a certain culture. More so, it is about creating one, building off the foundation of what already goes on in the westernmost bioregion. It is about decentralizing two governments that seem to disregard what the population wants on the West Coast. The movement calls for a new sovereign state: Cascadia.

Mar 6, 2014

Yukon government opens Peel River Watershed to mining

A planning commission of First Nations and government reps said most of this pristine wilderness should be protected from development. Last month the government stood this agreement on its head.
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Yukon Party strikes again

    As expected the Yukon Party went against all logic, 80% of Yukoners wishes, a 6 year Peel River Commision Study and 4 native bands to come down firmly on the side of the mining industry.

    Originally the Commisions report put 80% of the Peel River Watershed under a no mining catagory. Unfortunately this report came out just before the last Territorial election and the Yukon Party sailed through that without ever stating a position on the report. After the election, predictably,  they rejected the report looking for a more "balanced' position.

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How Hiring an iOS Developer can Boost your Business

What should you must know before hiring an iOS developer ? A growing market penetration of Smartphones and the increasing popularity of mobile applications are gradually shifting the use of internet from laptops / computers to mobile phones.

A major reason for this shift is the ever increasing powers of mobiles or Smartphones, mainly driven by the huge number of innovative and useful mobile applications that have thronged the market.

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