2010 Olympics

Jul 21, 2011
Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe

Canada, still colonial

Progressive Voices
We speak with Dr. Hayden King on Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe, Canada's residential school system, the annexation of Six Nations land in Caledonia, and more.
Mar 31, 2011

Indie Inside: The Rebel Spell

Vancouver band The Rebel Spell are bringing together the fractured punk community, creating an inclusive and positive scene.
Mar 21, 2011

Tent city challenges Olympic Village housing

Redeye speaks with one of the activists involved in setting up a tent city in the former Athletes Village on the anniversary of the tent city set up during the 2010 Olympics.
Mar 25, 2010

Migrant workers demand unpaid wages

Much of the construction that went on in Vancouver prior to the 2010 Olympics was done by foreign temporary workers. Some of the workers have now ended up being owed large sums of money.
Mar 17, 2010
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#102 - Olympics and epic struggles

rabble radio
Talking election violence in Manila, a little more Olympic activism, fish farming on vacant city land in Toronto, music from Caracol and Alejandra Ribera and who phoned in to rabble radio!
Mar 16, 2010

Talking podcasts

The rpn's Meagan Perry explains what podcasts are, how you can use them and what she's looking to include in the rabble podcast network.
Mar 10, 2010

The F Word vs The Olympics!

The F Word
Alissa Westergard-Thorpe, one of the key organizers from The Olympic Resistance Network, speaks with Meghan Murphy about the anti-Olympics movement in Vancouver.
Mar 9, 2010

Vancouver's Megaphone speaks out

Pivot Legal Society
Writer and editor Kevin Hollett talks about the Megaphone, the Olympics and Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
Mar 5, 2010

Canada violates Olympic truce

As the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics were taking place on Feb. 12, NATO launched the largest offensive in the nine years of the war in Afghanistan.
Mar 3, 2010

Indebted Olympic nation

Chris Shaw
Soon the Olympic financial hangover will set in, the budget merely driving home what so many expected and now dread.


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