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The great 'what if' promises we throw the 99 per cent

With all the attention that the Occupy Movement has drawn to income and wealth inequality (among other things), some may be surprised to find that an annual income of approximately $47,500 U.S. will put you in the top one per cent globally (check your standing here).

But with 1,210 billionaires in the world, the fact is, most people are poor and a relative few are very, very rich. This letter is to all of us in the top one per cent.


Teaching the ABCs for activists to be

A is for Activist

by Innosanto Nagara
(Kupu-Kupu Press,

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A is for Activist.

B is for banner, bobbing in the sky.

It’s pretty clear from page one that this is no Cat in the Hat. Billed as a book for the children of the 99%, A is for Activist is the radical vision of Innosanto (Inno) Nagara, a graphic designer and social justice activist from Oakland, California.


The trouble with the 99 per cent

There can be little doubt about the importance of the Occupy movement to our recent political discourse. It succeeded in getting a significant amount of media attention and it forced politicians of all stripes, including those on the Right, to acknowledge the danger that severe and rampant inequality pose to our social order and structure.

This ad hoc movement inspired many and managed to put its issues on the table to a sufficient degree that politicians of both the social democratic and liberal brand, as well as some on the far Right, have attempted to bask in its refracted glow. That none of these political actors offer the slightest threat to the system that Occupy apparently opposes appeared often lost on the participants, however.


Journalists for Human Rights

jhr Rights Radio: Occupy USA update

November 28, 2011
| jhr U.S. correspondent Joey Grihalva reports on the Occupy movement in cities all over the country and finds out what's being planned in the coming days and weeks for the 99 per cent.
Length: 04:21 minutes (2 MB)

Where do we go from here? Occupy Wall Street

On the one-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Ed David went to Liberty Plaza to find out where the movement will go next.

"Occupy Toronto" Part of the Democratic Renaissance?


The Democratic Renaissance Springs Forth into its Second Year

   A New Era of Enlightenment Emerges

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