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Dec 9, 2011

Attawapiskat: Two sides of the same bay

Romeo Saganash
I was born and raised on the Quebec side of James Bay, across from Attawapiskat, a community that has been in the news lately.
Jul 21, 2011
Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe

Canada, still colonial

Progressive Voices
We speak with Dr. Hayden King on Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe, Canada's residential school system, the annexation of Six Nations land in Caledonia, and more.
Activist Toolkit

Ojibwe translator

The Ojibwe language is the fourth most spoken Native language in North America
Apr 23, 2011

Election 2011: Slop pails or recognition of a human right?

Brent Patterson
The Winnipeg Free Press reports, "Northern aboriginal leaders are angry that the federal government is continuing to let them live in third world conditions at reserves by sending them 999 slop pails.
Apr 15, 2011

John Duncan: Another Conservative hypocrite

Murray Dobbin
Conservatives in their previous incarnation as the Reform Party claimed they would clean up corruption on Indian reserves. John Duncan in particular made this his cause celebre.
Book Review
Nov 11, 2010

New book reimagines Indigenous networks

Zainab Amadahy
Alliances brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous thinkers to reflect on relationship-building/alliance-making in struggle and how such work impacts both the personal and political.


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