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Ottawa's mayor declares anti-choice 'Respect for Life Day'

On Tuesday, word broke that Ottawa's mayor Jim Watson had signed a proclamation declaring today, May 12, as "Respect For Life Day." This was to honour the annual "March For Life" anti-choice/anti-abortion march that is taking place today.


Anti-choice battle being waged on Canadian streets

Photo: Jenn Farr

The group 40 days for life has once again set itself up on Bank Street in Ottawa, across the street from the Morgentaler abortion clinic.


Act now, Canada, or lose your reproductive rights

Photo: Kathleen Pye

In April, when New Brunswick's Morgentaler Clinic announced it would be forced to close, the barriers to accessing abortion in the Maritimes came to national attention. Now, with the New Brunswick election on September 23 and the federal election coming in 2015, reproductive justice activists across Canada are hoping to keep the momentum going for change.

This Saturday, September 20, will mark a National Day of Action for Reproductive Justice, with rallies set for cities across Canada in solidarity with activists in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, who are demanding equal access to a full range of reproductive health care, including abortion.


'Conscientious objection' when it comes to reproductive health is not conscientious

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When doctors refuse to provide reproductive health-care services based on personal beliefs, most people call it "conscientious objection." In reality, it is the opposite of conscientious.

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Moving forward with the abortion debate

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Justin Trudeau's statement that any new candidate for the Liberal Party must agree to vote pro-choice on any bills is positive and entirely appropriate. It stirred up a surprising amount of criticism and confusion in the media, however, in addition to the expected histrionics from anti-choice and religious communities.


New Brunswick invites the return of unsafe abortions

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The government of New Brunswick has embarked upon a perilous political path in recent weeks. It has decided to directly endanger the health and lives of New Brunswick women on the basis of its presumed "pro-life" religious beliefs. The main person behind this decision is, ironically, Health Minister Ted Flemming.

1 in 3 Campaign

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One out of every three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. But behind that statistic hides overwhelming stress, anxiety, tough decisions and physical symptoms. Behind every “one” is a woman who had to make a potentially life-changing decision. Especially in a society that offers little to no support with a side of judgment, these women deserve our support.

Check out the 1 in 3 campaign for personal stories, statistics, and resources to help end society’s judgment and shame surrounding the “taboo” topic that directly affects one billion women around the world.


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