Feb 3, 2014

Why defend Woody Allen?

Meghan Murphy
Dylan Farrow claims Woody Allen sexually abused her. The way in which some have lept to his defense only reinforces rape culture and male power.
Oct 10, 2013

When your abuser calls himself a feminist

Meghan Murphy
When your abuser is convinced, and has others convinced, he is a supporter of women’s rights and social justice, the alienation and betrayal feels all the more disquieting.
Aug 14, 2013
Image: Millennium films

Liberals want more lies in 'Lovelace'

Meghan Murphy
Though the violence inflicted upon Linda Lovelace was much more brutal than the film let on, liberals still want her story to be one of empowerment
Mar 31, 2010

The Catholic Church: Pedophiles and sadists

Murray Dobbin
Pedophiles and sadists. If there was a vengeful God all of these monsters would have been struck dead by lightening long ago, the Pope among them.

How to support survivors -- A workshop for community members

May 17, 2011 to May 18, 2011
Good Shepherd Women's Services Community Room
30 Pearl Street North
Hamilton , ON
43° 15' 40.4712" N, 79° 52' 53.2956" W
Ontario CA
Nobody expects to be raped but one in three women will experience sexual assault. It is important that as friends and family members we know how to respond to friends who have experienced violence.


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