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| July 20, 2015

Peter Singer on poverty, animal ethics and utilitarianism

April 10, 2015
| Listen in to this week's interview with Peter Singer about his new book "All The Good You Can Do" and see what he has to say about giving, philanthropy and utilitarian ethics.
Length: 36:02 minutes (41.25 MB)
| February 14, 2015

No love for Marineland: Sweeping changes proposed for Ontario's captive marine mammal industry

January 30, 2015
| An interview with Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defense on the recent announcement by Ontario's government to change rules governing the captive marine mammal industry in the province.
Length: 34:39 minutes (47.59 MB)
| January 24, 2015
| January 22, 2015
Photo: Blackfish
| June 27, 2014
Photo: flickr/David B. Gleason
| June 11, 2014
| April 4, 2014

Animal Cruelty

This guide to animal cruelty around the world is a (slightly graphic) educational resource illuminating unjust and torturous conditions for animals. There are lots of practices around the world and right here at home that abuse animals for no other reason than to raise profits or to avoid finding another, ethical alternative to their use.


Case in point: the use of live baby chicks as packing peanuts in poultry deliveries, as a way to keep the “order” warm.


This guide goes through various examples of animal abuse, but also includes some other components:


-definitions of animal cruelty

-resources to discuss factory farming


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