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Put on a concert

How to put on a fundraising concert and make it a success
Feb 8, 2012

Book: Crack Capitalism

John Holloway is a sociologist, philosopher and author. His work has stirred much debate among anti-capitalist activists. His most recent book is Crack Capitalism.
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How to organize an effective and successful boycott of a company or product
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An activist's guide to squatting in spaces forgotten by capitalism
Dec 8, 2011

Activist Toolkit weekly roundup

Steffanie Pinch
This week on the Activist Toolkit: Dumpster diving 101, how to organize your own really, really free market, workshop guides on direct action and much more!
Aug 22, 2011

Turn off the radio and turn on your mind

Progressive Voices
We speak with hip-hop artist Intikana on the origins of hip-hop and its connection to political activism, the colonization of Boriken (Puerto Rico) by the United States, and more.
Dec 13, 2010
Photo: dontcallmeikke/Flickr

Not Rex: Stupopia

What would the world look like if the right-wing had its way?
Jul 7, 2010

G20 capitalism is attacked in the streets of Toronto

Jaggi Singh and Robyn Maynard
Activist Jaggi Singh gave himself up to police on Tuesday over serious allegations stemming from the G20 protests. This is his last blog posting, published nine days ago.
Sep 28, 2009

Moore at the Stock Exchange

rabble staff
Michael Moore's new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, opens this weekend in Canada. He recently took his message to a labour rally at the New York Stock Exchange.
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Publishing a zine

A guide to crafting your own zine and getting it out into the scene
Apr 23, 2009

Upping the Anti: The making of a radical journal

Jenn Watt
Upping the Anti's Tom Keefer talks about where the publication came from and how it has continued to thrive in a time where print media is struggling to remain relevant.
Apr 3, 2009

The guys in the towers

The guys in the towers can weather almost any degree of common sense with a mixture of denial, mild reform and, above all, patience. They have no fear of being tried for "economic crimes."

Ecology as Politics: The Origins of Ecosocialism

Apr 13, 2014
CSI Annex, Room 1
720 Bathurst St.
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 47.862" N, 79° 24' 38.1816" W
Ontario CA
The sources for ecosocialism are many but Andre Gorz's Ecology as Politics remains one of the most important texts.

GTWA Coffeehouse: Organizing Against Multiple Oppression in Our Time

Mar 1, 2014
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham St.
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 53.2584" N, 79° 24' 44.6832" W
Ontario CA
Building on the recent Ford More Years GMM, this event is one of an ongoing series of coffee house presentations on left politics in Toronto organized by the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly.


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