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Free Utopian Projects examines consumption through free art

April 13, 2015
| Jocelyn Meggait created Free Utopian Projects -- an evolving series of socially interactive installations -- to connect art and social practice and to create community.
Length: 29:05 minutes (39.96 MB)

Book: Canoe Crossings

March 16, 2015
| The canoe has played a integral role in the lives of people in Canada for thousands of years. A new book takes us from the earliest days of the canoe to its current place in the culture of B.C.
Length: 16:53 minutes (15.46 MB)

Chaos theory: Rapper Ana Tijoux on art, feminism, 'garbage culture' and chaotic resistance

November 27, 2014
| The politically charged rapper discusses the hyper-sexualization of women, political art, the Chilean student movement and more.
Length: 30:09 minutes (55.21 MB)

L.A.-based MC and artist Asa Lianess on love vs. sex and being real in hip-hop

November 20, 2014
| The Los Angeles-based poet, singer, MC and henna artist shares her thoughts about love and sex in hip-hop, spirituality, sisterhood and going global.
Length: 15:52 minutes (29.06 MB)

Kinnie Starr on women lifelines, Indigenous protest hip-hop, and half-blood old blues

November 13, 2014
| The incomparable Canadian artist discusses collaborating with women MCs, water conservation, social justice, Indigenous hip-hop, white privilege and retiring from the music industry.
Length: 33:03 minutes (60.54 MB)

Maya Jupiter on women, culture, and what it means to be hip-hop

November 7, 2014
| The Chicana MC discusses the hypersexualization of women in hip-hop and what hip-hop means for transnational communities.
Length: 21:38 minutes (39.62 MB)

Defining Progress: Street Artist Gilf! on gentrification, art, activism and the iconic 5 Pointz Mecca

October 17, 2014
| For this episode, New York-based street artist Gilf! discusses America’s wars of occupation, gentrification, art, politics, activism and smashing kitchens.
Length: 34:13 minutes (62.67 MB)
| October 10, 2014

Aja in Wonderland: Aja Monet on poetry in social transformation and Tupac Shakur

October 7, 2014
| Aja Monet, the current "cool girl" of spoken-word poetry, discusses the political philosophy of poetry and the legacy of Tupac Shakur.
Length: 40:35 minutes (74.32 MB)

No Middle Road: Feminist writer Ninotchka Rosca on prostitution, feminism, art, and social transformation

September 30, 2014
| Public intellectual, feminist and award-winning writer, Ninotchka Rosca, discusses why mediocrity has no place in social transformation movements and more!
Length: 43:12 minutes (79.12 MB)
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