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Rad Science Art Auction

Sunday, December 14, 2014 (All day)


Discovery Centre
1593 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
44° 38' 45.7944" N, 63° 34' 23.9916" W

To recognize the amazing skateboarding and graphic design culture in our community, the Discovery Centre invited six of the top young artists in Nova Scotia to design a one-of-a-kind skateboard deck as part of our Tony Hawk | Rad Science exhibit. The resulting designs are now part of a fundraising auction in support of the not-for-profit Discovery Centre. The #RadScience Art Auction is open for online bidding until Dec 14th. Please make sure to stop in at the Centre in downtown Halifax to have an even better look at these fantastic works of art and a look at the artists who created them. These would make a unique gift or addition to your collection!

Visit us anytime online at


Chaos theory: Rapper Ana Tijoux on art, feminism, 'garbage culture' and chaotic resistance

November 27, 2014
| The politically charged rapper discusses the hyper-sexualization of women, political art, the Chilean student movement and more.
Length: 30:09 minutes (55.21 MB)

L.A.-based MC and artist Asa Lianess on love vs. sex and being real in hip-hop

November 20, 2014
| The Los Angeles-based poet, singer, MC and henna artist shares her thoughts about love and sex in hip-hop, spirituality, sisterhood and going global.
Length: 15:52 minutes (29.06 MB)

Kinnie Starr on women lifelines, Indigenous protest hip-hop, and half-blood old blues

November 13, 2014
| The incomparable Canadian artist discusses collaborating with women MCs, water conservation, social justice, Indigenous hip-hop, white privilege and retiring from the music industry.
Length: 33:03 minutes (60.54 MB)

Maya Jupiter on women, culture, and what it means to be hip-hop

November 7, 2014
| The Chicana MC discusses the hypersexualization of women in hip-hop and what hip-hop means for transnational communities.
Length: 21:38 minutes (39.62 MB)

Defining Progress: Street Artist Gilf! on gentrification, art, activism and the iconic 5 Pointz Mecca

October 17, 2014
| For this episode, New York-based street artist Gilf! discusses America’s wars of occupation, gentrification, art, politics, activism and smashing kitchens.
Length: 34:13 minutes (62.67 MB)
| October 10, 2014

Aja in Wonderland: Aja Monet on poetry in social transformation and Tupac Shakur

October 7, 2014
| Aja Monet, the current "cool girl" of spoken-word poetry, discusses the political philosophy of poetry and the legacy of Tupac Shakur.
Length: 40:35 minutes (74.32 MB)

No Middle Road: Feminist writer Ninotchka Rosca on prostitution, feminism, art, and social transformation

September 30, 2014
| Public intellectual, feminist and award-winning writer, Ninotchka Rosca, discusses why mediocrity has no place in social transformation movements and more!
Length: 43:12 minutes (79.12 MB)

The brain and the ballet dancer: Dr. Crystal Dilworth on the co-dependency between art and science

September 16, 2014
| Does art need the structure of science? Can science grow without creativity? For Dr. Crystal Dilworth, the attraction between opposites is all about the brain and a little bit of chemistry.
Length: 28:06 minutes (51.46 MB)
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