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Robert Cenedella on 'Art Bastard,' the art game, and the narrow-minded establishment

October 14, 2016
| Robert and I talk about his new film "Art Bastard," how not to play the "art game," the narrow-minded establishment, and what isn't art.
Length: 42:24 minutes (29.12 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Political hot potato

August 22, 2016
| This week's episode includes the move from ocean oil drilling to ocean strip mines, the connection between art and environment and the TPP, Hillary Clinton and privatization.
Length: 55:01 minutes (50.38 MB)
| June 27, 2016

Common Notions: A film about the Purple Thistle Centre

May 9, 2016
| The Purple Thistle operated for years as a youth-run space for arts and activism in Vancouver's East Side. The film, Common Notions, explores what made the Purple Thistle work for young people.
Length: 21:59 minutes (20.13 MB)

Artist and historian Bahia Shehab on the Arab Spring, memory, art, and why beauty is 'a Western luxury'

April 6, 2016
| The TED Senior Fellow and UNESCO Accomplished Women Speaker shares her thoughts on the Arab Spring, and choosing between being a spectator or participant in times of revolution.
Length: 36:57 minutes (67.68 MB)

Lawrence Hass on mystery, failure and art

February 9, 2016
| Lawrence talks about mystery, context, the fear of failure, wonder and the "business" of art-making. He speaks about obstacles to good living, how art can be life-giving and why philosophy matters.
Length: 43:43 minutes (30.02 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Reclaiming sovereignty

January 8, 2016
| Green Majority Radio spoke to Jeff Mann, an artist who makes car parts into art and about TransCanada's lawsuit against the U.S. government for killing the Keystone XL pipeline.
Length: 54:38 minutes (50.02 MB)
| November 10, 2015

'You see the horizon getting closer': Artist Susan Silas on memory, women, and the consciousness of death

October 1, 2015
| The NYC artist and essayist discusses memory, time, sex and women artists within the context of death and decay.
Length: 53:02 minutes (97.11 MB)

Nona Faustine: Artist provocateur

September 8, 2015
| The Brooklyn born and raised photographer shares the stories behind her latest series, "White Shoes," New York's slave trading history and why #BlackLivesMatter.
Length: 55:51 minutes (102.28 MB)
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