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The art and politics of the world's most imaginative circus troupe

Cirque du Soleil presentation of OVO. Photo by  Ed Schipul
Cirque du Soleil presentation of OVO. Photo by Ed Schipul

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Firdaus Kharas: Animating public service and social justice

Firdaus Kharas' The Three Amigos was a series of 20 short PSAs that stressed the value of condoms in the battle against AIDS.

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Music Review: Carole Pope returns with new album

Landfall album cover
Grande dame of the Canadian art rock scene Carole Pope returns with a new album.

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Left in Love: Roz and Sam cross political lines with creativity

Photo: Meghan Murphy

Left in Love is a dating column for progressive daters who give a damn! Each month, Meghan Murphy matches couples looking for radical love and documents the date in this space. Our couple this month is  Roz and Sam.

Roz is a 28-year-old student, support worker, visual artist and children's author. Creative/optimist.

Sam is 33-year-old professional musician, amateur cook and armchair scientist. Leggy/pensive.

Photo: Phil Norton/flickr
| November 19, 2014

Girls Rock Camp: Chords of confidence and co-operation

Photo: Carmen Leah

I was privileged over the summer to be allowed to drop in on Toronto's Girls Rock Camp, hopscotching from room to room as various groups were working out songs. It was a marvel to witness girls teaming up musically:

"Well I think it might work better in F-sharp."

"You think so? Let's try it." (they jam)

"Or maybe we can try this chord?"  (audio sample)

"Oh that works better!"

| October 14, 2014
Photo: flickr/peasap
| September 5, 2014

Outstanding Emmy nominees signal a Great Leap Forward for television

Photo: King-of-Herrings/flickr

Flipping channels Monday night, I was amazed at what caught and held me. I stopped flipping for -- the Emmys! What the %&$#?@! I hate awards shows. I totally concede to the mavens who dismissed this year's Emmys compared to the Video Music Awards the night before on grounds of red carpet, performances and a dazzling ending with Beyoncé en famille.

What gripped me in the Emmys was the list of nominees (excluding categories like Outstanding Hairstyling in a Single Camera Miniseries). I don't even care who won. Winning is usually a lottery based on criteria like vote-splitting among other contenders and sentiment. (Breaking Bad was an inevitable winner because it ended this year.)

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