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| April 15, 2015

Balanced budget legislation represents the worst policy for Canada

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Joe Oliver's latest musings about introducing balanced budget legislation represent the worst policy for Canada, and will doom us to European-style crises and rob future generations of prosperity.

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| April 10, 2015
April 8, 2015 |
Strike provoked by Crown Holdings is symptomatic of austerity agenda and business model that foster income inequality.

Accessing information to demilitarize McGill

March 28, 2015
| A chat with Rachel from Demilitarize McGill focusing on the group's efforts to reveal weapons research contracts involving McGill profs.
Length: 21:47 minutes (29.92 MB)

Printemps2015: Quebec anti-austerity protests begin

Photo: Nora Loreto
Personal account of witnessing the mass arrest of 100 students simply for protesting in Quebec City yesterday.

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| March 25, 2015
March 20, 2015 |
The 2015 Alternative Federal Budget demonstrates that the federal government's continued obsession with austerity and balancing the budget comes at a cost.
Photo: Paul VanDerWerf/flickr
| March 19, 2015
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